Abortionists Changed Abortion Procedures to Get More Baby Parts to Sell

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 1, 2019   |   2:08AM   |   Washington, DC

Jurors in the David Daleiden case heard new evidence last week about the abortion industry putting women’s lives at risk by altering abortion procedures to better harvest aborted baby body parts.

The civil trial began in October against Daleiden, Sandra Merritt and others who helped to release undercover videos of Planned Parenthood allegedly selling aborted baby body parts for profit.

Planned Parenthood is accusing them of more than a dozen crimes, including trespassing, breach of confidentiality, wiretapping and conspiracy. The trial is separate from a criminal case against Daleiden and Merritt launched by former California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

American Center for Law and Justice Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow, who is defending the journalists, said Planned Parenthood “fought tooth and nail” to keep details of the Center for Medical Progress investigation from the jury.

However, the court has allowed the jury to watch some of the journalists’ undercover findings.

On Oct. 23, the jury listened to an audio recording by the Center for Medical Progress of journalists Sandra Merritt and Briana Baxter at a National Abortion Federation meeting in 2013, according to the Thomas More Society. The journalists posed as a start-up company interested in obtaining aborted baby body parts, and spoke to Ruth Arick, an abortion consultant.

In the recording, Arick admitted that abortionists will change the abortion procedure and put women at greater risk for the purpose of better harvesting aborted baby parts.

“Now, a lot of places, not a lot, some researchers are looking for whole fetuses, in the earlier stages, so you over-dilate, you try to be able to extract an entire fetus through your cannula, but then again, the over-dilation can be a risk to the woman, so you know, it’s a game,” Arick says in the recording.

According to the transcript from the Thomas More Society, their conversation continued:

Tech: So they sometimes will change the procedure a little bit.

Ruth: Yep. Mhm. They certainly will. And just, it really depends on, sometimes the medical director, the clinic owner, whoever wants to work with you guys, and then it’s the physicians, you know, how much am I willing to alter any of my processes? …

CEO: But, so, I’m understanding what you’re saying about the physician being, what’s he struggle with or she struggle with.

Ruth: Mhm. Yeah for them it’s not the struggle about the procedure, because most of them–

CEO: No no.

Ruth: Most of them they’re here, most of them. I mean some of them do the denial thing, and they’re all screwed up, but not many, thank goodness.

CEO: Mhm.

Ruth: But for them, it’s risk, and malpractice, and it’s a risk to women if I’m over-dilating, you know, what’s the deal–

It is illegal to alter an abortion procedure to harvest aborted baby body parts.

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In a Facebook post last week, Pro-Life San Francisco said the recording “exposes the undeniably sinister nature and world of fetal organ harvesting.”

The pro-life organization promised to keep fighting for justice for unborn babies and their mothers.

“We will not be silenced when the already barely existent parameters around fetal exploitation are blatantly and proudly ignored—when abortionists brag about altering procedures to obtain more lucrative human specimens, at the very real risk to the lives of the (mostly) women involved!” it continued.

Earlier in the week, Judge William Orrick also allowed the jury to see an ABC News 20/20 investigation from 2000 that sparked Daleiden’s own investigation. The mainstream news outlet found similar evidence of abortionists selling aborted baby body parts for a profit, in violation of the law.

Planned Parenthood is accusing Merritt, Daleiden and others of more than a dozen crimes, including trespassing, breach of confidentiality, wiretapping and conspiracy, The Federalist reports. It wants hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for increased security costs allegedly caused by the undercover investigation.

Daleiden and his fellow investigators contend that they did not do anything wrong; they are undercover journalists who worked to expose the unethical and potentially illegal harvesting and sales of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Earlier during the trial, a Planned Parenthood witness admitted that some of the security “threats” were just letters from people saying they were praying for abortion clinic staff and other security incidents were completely unrelated to the undercover investigation.

The trial is expected to continue through early November.