Catholic Priest: No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians, They’re Not “Catholics in Good Standing”

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 25, 2019   |   1:20PM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

A Catholic priest in Northern Ireland says pro-abortion politicians should not present themselves for Holy Communion because it’s “impossible” for them to be Catholics “in good standing.” His comments come on the heels of pro-abortion politicians boycotting an appearance at the Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly that could have stopped Britain from imposing legalizing abortion on Northern Ireland.

Fr Patrick McCafferty, from the Corpus Christi Parish, said it was “a complete and utter contradiction” to promote abortion and still consider oneself a practising Catholic.

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Fr McCafferty said it was “impossible” to take Holy Communion while supporting abortion.

“There is no way in which that can be justified or accepted,” he added. “There’s such a thing as automatic excommunication. Promoting abortion is just totally outside the faith.

“You cannot consider yourself a Catholic in good standing. You should have the honesty and integrity to not present yourself for Holy Communion.”

On Tuesday, the country was forced to abandon its protections for unborn babies after the British government voted to force Northern Ireland to legalize abortion for basically any reason up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. The vote happened because Northern Ireland has not had a functioning government for about three years. Its political leaders had until midnight on Monday to re-form a government and reject the law. Pro-life lawmakers made several attempts to, but they did not succeed.

Though abortions are now legal, no physical locations are providing them yet in Northern Ireland. Te British mandate requires Northern Ireland to begin providing abortions by March 31 in state hospitals. In the meantime, taxpayers in England will be forced to pay for women from Northern Ireland to travel there for abortions.

But, the Northern Ireland medical community is taking a strong stand for life after the country was forced to legalize abortion on demand Tuesday.

Recently, 911 medical professionals signed a letter in opposition to legalized abortion in their country, the Independent reports. Initiated by Northern Ireland GP Andrew Cupples, the letter urged the government to protect unborn babies’ rights as well as the rights of medical professionals to practice their beliefs.

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Cupples said medical professionals are concerned about being forced to help abort unborn babies in violation of their beliefs. He said there is “no protection” under the current guidelines for midwives and other medical workers who oppose abortions.

Many already have told him that they would quit their jobs rather than be forced to help with abortions, he told the Independent.

“Hundreds of healthcare professionals in Northern Ireland will refuse to be involved in abortion services. There are even people who are planning to walk away from the healthcare service if they are forced to participate in abortion services,” Cupples said.

“There are also people in obstetrics and gynecology and midwives who are worried if they do not agree to be trained in abortion they could be forced to do so or reprimanded by their employers or a professional body,” he continued.

Northern Ireland was one of the last bastions of safety for unborn babies in Europe after abortion activists pushed Ireland to repeal its pro-life constitutional amendment in 2018. There, medical professionals also fear being forced to give up their livelihoods or help abort unborn babies. Guidelines from the Irish Medical Council introduced in August tell doctors that they must either abort unborn babies themselves or refer women to someone who will.

Pro-life countries are under intense international pressure to legalize the killing of unborn babies. Many pro-abortion campaigns are backed by some of the richest men in the world.