Mother Purchased Abortion Pills for Her Daughter to Kill Her Grandchild

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 23, 2019   |   1:39PM   |   Belfast, Northern Ireland

A Northern Ireland woman who allegedly put her daughter’s and unborn grandchild’s lives in jeopardy by purchasing abortion drugs online for her daughter was acquitted this week.

The Belfast Crown Court handed down the not guilty ruling Wednesday, barely a day after the country was forced to legalize abortion on demand.

The once pro-life country has not had a functioning government for about three years. In July, the British government voted to force Northern Ireland to legalize abortion for basically any reason up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. The Northern Ireland political leaders had until midnight on Monday to re-form a government and reject the law. Pro-life lawmakers made several attempts to, but they did not succeed.

Sky News reports the woman faced charges for allegedly buying illegal abortion drugs online for her teenage daughter. On Wednesday, Judge David McFarland instructed the jury to find her not guilty.

“I am so thankful that the change in the law will allow other women and girls to deal with matters like this privately in their own family circle,” the woman said after the ruling. She is not named in reports.

According to the Guardian, the woman bought the abortion drugs online in 2015 for her pregnant 15-year-old daughter, who used them to abort her unborn baby.

The drugs are dangerous and can be deadly to the mother as well as her unborn baby, especially when taken without a doctor’s supervision. Dozens of women have died and thousands more injured in the United States alone.

Pro-life advocates also have expressed strong concerns that mail-order abortion drugs could be misused by abusive people who want to force women to abort their unborn babies.

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Despite the risks, abortion activists have been pushing to deregulate the abortion drugs across the world.

The pro-life organization Life reacted to the ruling with disappointment.

“Today’s ruling, so soon after the reprehensible changes in our abortion laws, exemplifies the dangers of the legal limbo we find ourselves in in Northern Ireland,” Life NI spokeswoman Aisling Dundee said. “Yet again we have been failed by our politicians and lawmakers, who assured us that existing legislation would deal with issues where the law is being broken.”

She urged lawmakers to return to work and protect women and children from the dangers of unregulated, legalized abortion on demand.

Northern Ireland was one of the last bastions of safety for unborn babies in Europe after abortion activists pushed Ireland to repeal its pro-life constitutional amendment in 2018.

Pro-life countries are under intense international pressure to legalize the killing of unborn babies. Many pro-abortion campaigns are backed by some of the richest men in the world.