Hosts of “The View” Beg Pro-Abortion Chelsea Clinton to Run for Congress

Opinion   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Oct 17, 2019   |   1:12PM   |   Washington, DC

It seems The View hosts just can’t get over their Clinton crush. Every time Chelsea or Hillary appears on The View, they beg them to run for office. On Wednesday’s show, Chelsea Clinton stopped by for the second time in two weeks to talk about this and rave over last night’s Democratic debate.

As Clinton sat down, she was immediately asked if she was running for Congress, (which she denied.) Co-host Sunny Hostin gushed, “Why not?!” while fellow co-host Abby Huntsman wanted to know “Do you think you ever will?” Finally Clinton conceded it was possible, saying, “I don’t know” then adding “maybe.” Finally they got around to talking about the debate.

Clinton praised Democrats for talking about universal health care and “gun violence” ie: confiscating guns, “as something that has to become a reality in our country.” Given more opportunity to tout the far-left, ABC then played a clip where Cory Booker passionately rallied men to stand up for abortion as a “human right.” Clinton, who just had another baby, praised Spartacus for that “special” moment:

“So that was kind of a special moment I thought last night,” Clinton gushed. She continued to rave:

Our human rights are our human rights and those should be respected and protected and advanced because we’re human beings, not because of your relationship to a woman in your own life, and I was so, so, so grateful that he made that point so strongly last night.

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The hosts kept to the far-left while discussing the economy as well. Whoopi again complained that Trump’s tax plan took money away from the middle class, (which is actually false.) The other liberal hosts whined that Republican gave corporations tax cuts. After Huntsman suggested that billionaires could do good for the community, as when her grandfather built a cancer treatment hospital, Hostin argued she “doesn’t see this happening” so it must not be true.

In a revealing moment, Clinton lectured that taxpayers can’t be trusted with their own money and the government has to decide that for them, saying: “But we couldn’t trust them just to do that. Right? That’s why we need to have higher taxes on them. So that is then expected of them that they then do that.” She didn’t explain how exactly high taxes incentivizes CEOs to hire more workers.

Unfortunately The View has been largely devoid of any kind of strong conservative arguments as of late. Huntsman and McCain, who have in the past tried to bring some balance to the table, have decided to stay silent or find points of agreement in these conversations lately.

In fact Clinton fit in so well with the liberal hosts at the table, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was a test run for Clinton to have a permanent seat at the table, after her lucrative gig at NBC a few years ago earned her hundreds of thousands of dollars for very little work.

LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.