Planned Parenthood Abortionist Caught Lying in Court: “You Got Me”

National   |   Liberty Counsel   |   Oct 15, 2019   |   10:25PM   |   Washington, DC

On the fifth day of the civil trial of Planned Parenthood v. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), Planned Parenthood Southwest’s associate medical director was caught lying on the witness stand as claims of abortionists “fearing for their safety” fell apart in the San Francisco federal courtroom.

Liberty Counsel is defending Sandra Merritt against Planned Parenthood’s civil lawsuit seeking millions of dollars as punishment for her undercover investigation, which exposed the largest abortion mill’s trafficking in human baby body parts.

Last Friday, Planned Parenthood called Dr. Thomas Moran to the stand. Moran said he was very “anxious” when he learned that he was filmed in the undercover investigation because he feared he would be publicly outed as an abortion provider. Moran also testified under oath that he had never posted anything online about his abortion work, that he kept a low profile, and that he doesn’t “draw attention” to his abortion work. On the basis of his “anxiety” of being outed, Planned Parenthood asked the jury to award it “damages.”

However, during cross examination by Liberty Counsel, Moran’s manufactured story unraveled. Horatio Mihet confronted him with a public, online petition that Moran had signed, with his name as an abortion provider, pledging to be a “loud and clear advocate” for unlimited abortion rights. Mihet asked him if this was consistent with his low profile and not drawing attention. Moran’s first reaction was “Um, a teeny bit of embarrassment.”

Mihet also pointed out that Moran is credited as a contributor to the online Early Abortion Training Workbook by the University of Southern California San Francisco’s Bixby Center. Moran said he was “proud” of his contribution and would not remove his name from the public document. When Mihet asked that the defendants “did nothing to out you as an abortion provider, correct?” He replied, “They outed several of my colleagues,” but not him.

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Then Mihet confronted Moran that his earlier sworn testimony about keeping a low profile, avoiding attention, and never publishing anything about his abortion work, was untrue. “The one thing you were anxious our defendants would do… you voluntarily did yourself in open court,” said Mihet.

Moran’s response was: “Counselor, you got me.” Moran’s lie was revealed to the jury during cross-examination.

The trial resumes tomorrow in the San Francisco Federal District Court at 450 Golden Gate Ave, Courtroom 2 on Floor 17.