Incredible Video Shows Young Woman Walking Out of Abortion Clinic After Choosing Life for Her Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 12, 2019   |   2:03PM   |   Washington, DC

A new video from Created Equal shows the emotional moment when a woman walked away from a Texas abortion facility and chose life for her baby.

In the video, an intern with the pro-life group named Lexie Hall can be heard sidewalk counseling at the Houston Women’s Clinic in Texas, according to Live Action.

Hall offers women free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds at the mobile pregnancy center van parked nearby. She calls out details about an unborn baby’s development and the risks of abortion — information that women may never hear inside an abortion facility.

“Please, it is not too late. It is not too late, y’all!” she says to people in the parking lot.

Some people ignore her, but the mother of one abortion patient does not. The woman tells Hall that she tried to stop her daughter from aborting her grandchild, but her daughter would not listen.

“I’ve prayed on it,” she says. “She’s a grown woman…. Don’t lay the guilt on me like that.”

Hall continues to call out to people in the parking lot as the woman gets in her vehicle. However, the vehicle does not start.

Later, a young woman can be seen in the parking lot walking toward the door of the abortion facility. The young woman appears to be walking slowly and listening to Hall’s pleas.

“You are not alone. We can help you,” Hall says.

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The video shows the young woman stopping at the door, never turning the handle as Hall continues to encourage her. Hall tells the young woman that she is strong and capable, and pro-lifers are ready and willing to help her and her child.

Eventually, the young woman turns around. Surprisingly, the woman whose daughter was inside the abortion facility also approaches her, and together she and Hall both encourage the young woman to choose life for her baby.

Though emotional, the young woman agrees, and Hall leads her to the pregnancy center van. A short time later, she returns and tells Hall that she chose life for her baby.

Countless babies and mothers have been spared from abortion because of the compassionate outreach of sidewalk counselors like Hall. Pro-life advocates care about women and babies, and they show it by standing faithfully outside abortion facilities every day offering hope and support. They volunteer at pregnancy centers and provide free diapers, cribs, maternity clothes and so much more to struggling families.

Every day, their work empowers women and saves lives.