New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham Calls Killing Babies in Abortion a “Human Right”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 11, 2019   |   1:14PM   |   Santa Fe, New Mexico

As if unaware of the definition of “human,” New Mexico Gov. Michelle Grisham recently defended abortion as a “human right.”

A pro-abortion Democrat, Grisham participated in a 50th anniversary celebration for NARAL Pro-Choice America earlier this fall, according to One News Now. NARAL advocates for unrestricted abortions up to birth, and Grisham praised their work as a “defense of human rights.”

Pro-life state leaders pointed to the obvious contradictions in her statement.

“We found it very interesting that the governor would choose to describe their work in terms of human rights,” Vince Torres of the Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico, told the news outlet. “… abortion, specifically the work that NARAL supports through late-term abortion, and even opposing sensible legislation like the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, actually would constitute human rights violations.”

The science is clear that a unique, new human life forms at conception, and an abortion kills a human being. Some abortionists even openly admit to this.

Most voters know it, too. Polls consistently show that most Americans oppose most abortions. As LifeNews reported in June, Gallup found 60% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion, wanting all (21%) or almost all 39% abortions made illegal.

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Earlier this year, Grisham, who claims to be Catholic, tried to push her radical abortion agenda on her own state through a bill that would have legalized the killing of unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth. She defended abortion as a “woman’s choice,” even late into pregnancy after the baby is viable.

When the pro-abortion bill narrowly failed to pass in March, Grisham expressed dismay.

“That… it was even a debate, much less a difficult vote for some senators, is inexplicable to me,” she told reporters.

Torres said Grisham’s abortion position is radically out of touch with voters, and they hope she will change her mind.

“So we hope the governor will come to the middle and fall in step with those folks who want a reasonable approach to this issue,” Torres said.