Staffer Was Ready to Harvest Baby’s Body Parts During Late-Term Abortion But “The Baby Just Fell Out”

Opinion   |   Alexandra Snyder   |   Oct 10, 2019   |   12:57PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood called their third and fourth witnesses in the trial involving its lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) yesterday. As you are likely aware, Planned Parenthood sued CMP following the release of videos showing PP doctors haggling over the price of baby body parts.

The third witness was Adrian Lopez, who serves in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman in the Neonatal ICU at Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego. As part of his duties, Lopez cares for babies born at 21-22 weeks gestation—the same age as many of the babies whose organs are sold for profit. Planned Parenthood attorneys grilled Lopez for his role in the undercover videos, even though Lopez had little to do with the planning or execution of the sting operation.

Lopez testified that his involved with the project stemmed from information he received from David Daleiden and through his own research into the trafficking of babies’ organs for sale.

Lopez was shocked to learn that body parts brokers procure intact, beating hearts from aborted babies—meaning the babies are born alive before their organs are harvested. Judge Orrick, who is presiding over the trial, refused to allow Lopez to explain the nature of the research done on these beating baby hearts.

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In fact, Judge Orrick has hardly permitted any testimony involving Planned Parenthood’s gruesome business practices, saying “whether these things occurred, whether they’re good or bad…we’re not going into that.”

The jury is not even allowed to view the videos that are the subject of the lawsuit!

During cross-examination, however, Lopez was able to share with the jury an incident involving a “procurement technician” who harvests organs from aborted babies:“There was mention of a woman, a patient being so dilated that when they get in the stirrups, the fetus falls out.”

Defendant Sandra Merritt testified regarding the same incident last week, saying “…she was standing out in the hallway waiting to harvest human body parts and that it was so quick, much faster. I think three minutes that — where she’s strapped in and ready for the abortion, but the baby just fell out. And since the baby was born alive with no Digoxin…having not received any medication prior to being born alive…”

It is illegal to kill a baby that is born alive during an abortion.

You can read the entire Day 3 trial transcript here.