Video Shows Pro-Abortion Mob Punching, Kicking and Spitting on Pro-Lifers

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 9, 2019   |   4:37PM   |   Washington, DC

Police intervened to protect pro-life students at George Washington University last month after a pro-abortion mob began spitting on them and yelling profanities, according to a video of the incident.

The College Fix reports the pro-abortion mob targeted a small group of pro-life advocates from TFP Student Action, a national Catholic students and parents organization. The group was conducting a peaceful pro-life outreach Sept. 30 on the Washington, D.C. campus, handing out information and discussing the issue with passers by.

“The mob was hellish,” TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie said. “One of them put a pro-abortion sign on our windshield and others started spitting on the windows of our van.”

Others from the group reported being pushed, kicked and spit on, and at least one pro-lifer said someone threw liquid on him, possibly soda, according to a news release from the organization. In the video, one young man said a pro-abortion protester asked to see the bandage around his arm, and when he explained that he had a sprain, the pro-abortion protester hit his injured arm.

The crowd of pro-abortion students shouted vile things as well. According to The Fix, they sang a song that repeatedly included the phrase “f— you.” Pro-lifers said someone in the crowd screamed, “I eat baby lungs for breakfast,” and another yelled, “Hail Satan!”

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The video shows the crowd of pro-abortion protesters growing and becoming more aggressive against the small pro-life group. According to TFP Student Action, the campus police did not intervene, but they did call the city police to quell the mob.

“Finally, police officers created a buffer zone between the unruly mob and us,” Ritchie said. “But the mob showed neither respect for the police officers nor obeyed their orders. They just continued screaming: ‘My body, my choice.’”

Eventually, Ritchie said the police escorted them to their vehicle to protect them. The video shows a large crowd of abortion activists following closely, hurdling taunts and insults at the group as they get into the vehicle.

“We strive to live the virtues and spirit of Catholic chivalry,” Ritchie told The Fix. “… Since the deliberate killing of the unborn is both unjust and morally evil, we must stand up and speak out. Real men will always defend the right to life of the unborn.”

The news is just the latest in growing reports of threats, harassment, vandalism and other incidents targeting pro-life advocates for their peaceful, life-saving work.

In September, police evacuated pro-lifers from an event in Minnesota because of a bomb scare. Barely a week later, abortion activists in Mexico tried to burn down a Catholic church and a government building during a pro-abortion protest. has documented an alarming uptick in reports this year: