Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece: “Women Have Right to Choose What to Do With Their Body, Not the Baby’s Body”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 8, 2019   |   7:48PM   |   Washington, DC

When abortion activists talk about supporting women’s rights, they forget about the women who are not yet born, the niece of civil rights advocate Martin Luther King Jr. told students at Georgia Tech on Oct. 1.

Dr. Alveda King continues to champion the civil rights cause of her famous family by advocating for the most vulnerable people in the world today: unborn babies. Technique, a student newspaper at Georgia Tech, reported about her speech hosted by the college Students for Life club.

“I believe in women’s rights, but you know many of those little babies in the womb are women,” King told the crowd. “So you have to ask this question. A woman has the right to choose what she does with her body, but the baby’s not her body. So you have to ask next, where’s the lawyer for the baby?”

King said she knows a lot about abortion from personal experience because she aborted two of her own unborn babies. She said she was told her babies were just blobs of tissue, but she eventually learned the truth. Later, she said she found healing through her faith in Christ.

Her testimony reveals how abortions hurt women both in and outside the womb. Abortions kill unborn babies, and sometimes unborn baby girls are specifically targeted for sex selection abortions. The abortion industry also has been known to manipulate vulnerable women into aborting their unborn babies, rushing them through the abortion with little information or time to consider their decision. It downplays the physical and psychological risks as well, telling women that abortions are “safer than aspirin.”

Over the past several years, King has been a strong critic of the Women’s March and other supposedly pro-women organizations because of their abortion advocacy.

She said that by supporting abortion, the march organizers ignored how abortion has hurt and destroyed so many women’s lives, including their unborn children’s.

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“I don’t understand why, if this is a sisterhood, how they can leave out the little babies in the womb, the mothers who have been hurt by abortion. I think that’s part of the message,” King told Fox and Friends in 2017.

“The little baby girls in the womb, what about them? Who is going to represent those little girls who are being aborted?” she continued.

Today, King works with Priests for Life to protect unborn babies and their moms from abortion. Through the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, she also helps women like herself to heal from abortions in their past.