There’s No Reason to Kill Babies in Abortions, Thanks to Safe Haven Laws

Opinion   |   Allan Parker   |   Oct 7, 2019   |   2:30PM   |   Washington, DC

The reasons cited for making abortion a legal right vary, but most often you will hear of the difficulties of taking care of a child as the major one.

For example, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, the reasons for abortion revolve around expectant mothers’ concerns about the responsibilities of parenthood and family life. Three-fourths of women cite concerns for or responsibility to other individuals; three-fourths say they cannot afford a child; three-fourths say that having a baby would interfere with work, school or the ability to care for dependents; and half say they do not want to be a single parent or are having problems with their husband or partner. Another reason commonly given is financial — many women feel they do not have enough money to take care of a child.

Even the Supreme Court accepted these reasons for maintaining and recognizing a right to abortion in Planned Parenthood vs. Casey saying, “The ability of women to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation has been facilitated by their ability to control their reproductive life.”

However, the perceived burdens of childcare and parental responsibility have suddenly changed in America, essentially rendering moot this reasoning for abortion. This is due to the states’ new willingness to totally shoulder the burden of childcare once a baby is born.

Under Safe Haven laws, a woman can, at or within a reasonable time after birth, leave her child with the state, no questions asked, usually at a police or fire station or hospital emergency room.

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The state will then take care of that child until he or she has been adopted or reaches majority age, usually 18. This eliminates any perceived need to abort based on future responsibility, or for courts to maintain a constitutional right to abortion based on such concerns. Now the entire responsibility and economic burden of child-rearing can be borne by government, no questions asked. This is now the law in all 50 states.

Feminist arguments about gender equality and sexual freedom are also satisfied and rendered moot by these new Safe Haven laws. The entire burden of care, feeding, education, medicine, and every financial obligation of parenting can now be borne by the state or the child’s adoptive parents, if the mother so chooses. This frees her from any negative career, educational, or personal consequences.

The U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has already ruled that there is adequate scientific evidence to support a requirement that abortionists can be required to disclose to women that abortion is the “taking of the life of a separate, unique, living human being.” And who would want to get an abortion if she didn’t feel she had to? The Safe Haven law and its total release of child care obligation reduces to the vanishing point any perceived burden involved in not taking the life of one’s child in the womb. Safe Haven can also work as an effective last-resort method of birth control, as the Supreme Court has indicated that abortion fulfills this function for some women.

Why do women get abortions? In most cases, it’s because they can’t or don’t want to care for the child. Through Safe Haven laws, now society will take that responsibility. And with 10% of American women infertile, there are between 1 million and 2 million couples waiting to adopt newborns at any given time. Good families are waiting to love these children. At long last, every child in America is wanted. There is no longer any valid reason to require legal abortions. It is time for the Supreme Court to protect women and children.

LifeNews Note: Allan E. Parker Jr. is co-Founder and president of the Justice Foundation. To see the Safe Haven Law in your state, visit