Doctors Told Mom to Have Abortion When Her Water Broke at 21 Weeks. She Refused and Her Baby Lived

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 3, 2019   |   6:06PM   |   London, England

Chanelle Williams lost five unborn babies to miscarriage. So, when her water broke at 21 weeks of pregnancy, she feared that her unborn daughter’s life would end soon, too.

While 24-year-old mother was concerned about her baby’s life, her doctors were thinking about an abortion, Wales Online reports. Williams said she was offered an abortion, but she rejected the idea of ending her baby’s life when there was still hope.

Today, Williams’ baby girl Rosalie is alive and well.

“I was advised to terminate, but I decided not to and now I have a wonderful, healthy daughter,” she said. “I want to raise awareness as much as possible so other mums in Wales, and the rest of the UK, know that it doesn’t mean the pregnancy needs to end.”

There were many times during her pregnancy when Williams thought she may never see her daughter alive.

According to the report, the Porthcawl, Wales mother began suffering from complications about 18 weeks into her pregnancy. At 21 weeks, her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital.

“I just felt completely numb. I’d had five miscarriages before and I couldn’t face another one,” Williams remembered.

She said the doctors’ predictions were very poor. Even if she managed to keep Rosalie in her womb for three more weeks, the baby girl would have only about a 1-percent chance of survival, they told her. Williams was told that her baby likely would be born within 72 hours and die, or she could have an abortion, according to the report.

“I couldn’t put into my mind the thought of termination,” she said. “She had a heartbeat and she was still fighting, so I felt I needed to, too. I had to play my part.”

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Labor did not come in the next 72 hours, though, and Rosalie remained alive and safe in her mother’s womb.

According to the report, Williams’ doctors monitored her closely over the next month. At 28 weeks, they urged her to consider induced labor because of a high risk of infection. Again, she refused.

Miraculously, Rosalie stayed in the womb until 33 weeks of pregnancy. She was born Dec. 9 weighing 4 pounds, and, after a short in the hospital, she was well enough to go home, the report states.

“It was the most petrifying 13 weeks I had ever been through,” her mother said. “She is definitely a miracle.”

Her story, and many others like it, demonstrate that there always is hope for babies in the womb.