2,246 Aborted Babies Abortionist Hoarded Will be “Given the Decency of the Burial They Deserve”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 3, 2019   |   7:54PM   |   Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill promised to give the 2,246 remains of aborted babies found in Ulrich Klopfer’s garage “the decency of a burial that they deserve.”

Hill announced Thursday that the babies’ remains have been transferred to a safe place in Indiana as their investigation into the horrific case continues.

In September, authorities found 2,246 medically preserved remains of aborted babies in the former Indiana abortionist’s home in Illinois. Klopfer’s family reported finding the remains shortly after he died Sept. 3. Indiana and Illinois authorities have been working together to investigate the gruesome discovery.

Hill said they still have a lot of questions and decisions to make in the unusual case, but he promised that the babies will be “given the decency of a burial that they deserve,” the AP reports.

“Our priority throughout this process is to give proper respect to the remains of these unborn children and to the women and families associated with them,” Hill said in a statement. “We are still working through the decision-making process in regard to ultimate disposition of these remains, and we will continue to proceed with appropriate care and consideration at each step of the way. For now, we can simply let everyone know that these remains are back home in Indiana.”

Authorities transferred the babies’ remains from Illinois to Indiana on Wednesday night, CBS Chicago reports. Authorities also said they are working to protect the thousands of medical records that also were found in Klopfer’s garage and at his abandoned abortion facilities, according to WBIW.

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St. Joseph County Coroner Michael McGann thanked Illinois authorities for working with them to bring everything back to Indiana, where they believe the babies were aborted.

“We will treat them with due respect and will maintain their integrity until such time as we are directed with respect to their proper disposition,” McGann said.

Earlier, Illinois authorities estimated that the babies’ bodies are from abortions conducted between 2000 and 2002 in Indiana.

Several women have come forward asking if their aborted babies are among those that Klopfer kept in his garage. Authorities encouraged any former patients to call a special hotline set up for the investigation: 317-234-6663. People also may email [email protected].

Klopfer worked as an abortionist for decades in South Bend, Gary and Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, the state revoked his license in 2016 for failing to report the rape of a 13-year-old patient and other health violations.

A doctor who knew Klopfer speculated that he kept the babies’ remains as some sort of gristly trophy.

Last week, federal lawmakers introduced a bill to ensure that nothing like this happens again. U.S. Sen. Mike Braun’s Dignity for Aborted Children Act would require abortion facilities to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies.