Former Planned Parenthood CEO: I’m Having a “Baby,” But It’s Still OK to Abort Them

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 1, 2019   |   9:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Leana Wen apparently was not pro-abortion enough for Planned Parenthood.

But the former CEO of the abortion chain still supports abortion.

In a recent interview with The Baltimore Sun, Wen discussed her work at Planned Parenthood, her new job teaching at George Washington University and her family. She currently is pregnant with her third child.

Planned Parenthood fired Wen in July, less than a year after she took on the role as CEO. Despite the contention between her and the abortion chain, Wen told The Sun that it was an “honor” to work there.

“I had the opportunity to travel around the country and to meet incredibly dedicated doctors, nurses and advocates who put everything on the line to care for their patients,” she said.

However, Wen admitted that the constant traveling was difficult for her and her family.

“My son, Eli, is now 2 years old,” Wen said. “… I was often traveling from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening. I missed my husband, Sebastian, and Eli very much. It broke my heart when, a few months into the job, Eli began crying when I came home because he saw me as a stranger.”

Despite the trouble with Planned Parenthood, including contentious negotiations, Wen remains committed to abortion advocacy. She praised Maryland lawmakers for defying President Donald Trump’s actions to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

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“… the Maryland state legislature was the first in the country to pass protections for Title X funding, so that when it comes under threat from the Trump administration, low-income women in Maryland can still receive cancer screenings, STI tests and birth control,” Wen said.

She also lamented that “reproductive health care is singled out and treated as something other than what it is: health care.”

The real issue is not all reproductive health care, though. It’s abortion. Wen repeatedly has insisted that abortion is just health care, but, in reality, abortion is the violent, intentional killing of a living, unique human being in the womb.

Earlier this year, Wen gained pro-life advocates’ sympathy when she wrote a moving column about losing an unborn baby to miscarriage. Her writing suggested she knows that babies in the womb are valuable, and her interview with The Sun did, too.

Asked about her family, Wen said she is excited about the baby she is carrying in her womb.

“Sebastian and I are looking forward to bringing baby No. 2 into the world, to Baltimore! Eli’s brother or sister is due at the end of March,” she said.

Still, it’s sad that Wen clings to her abortion advocacy, a flawed way of thinking that celebrates one unborn baby’s life and devalues another unborn baby’s. Every baby, wanted and unwanted, convenient or not, is a precious, valuable human being who deserves a right to life. Yet, every year, Planned Parenthood destroys about 330,000 of their lives in abortions.

One can only hope that Wen will wake up, as other former Planned Parenthood staffers have done, and realize that every baby in the womb deserves to be protected, not just some.