No Surprise Abortionist Didn’t Respect Aborted Babies, He Didn’t Respect Them When They Were Alive

Opinion   |   Father Frank Pavone   |   Sep 22, 2019   |   8:27PM   |   Washington, DC

As word spreads of the discovery of the bodies of 2246 aborted babies in the residence of recently deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopfer, people are disgusted, drawing commentary even from the White House.

There are many lessons we can draw from this sad incident.

First, the disgust we rightfully feel about the bodies he had in his home is simply a reflection of the deeper disgust and indignation we should all feel about the fact that he killed them in the first place. Yet the “sanitizing” of the word abortion mutes the reaction of people to the killing. Incidents like the discovery of the bodies can re-ignite that muted reaction, if we help people connect the dots.

The abortionists don’t respect these children any more after they die than while they’re still alive. Nor do they respect them any more if they are born alive than if they are killed in the womb. The lack of respect for the unborn who are targeted for abortion is universal and across the board for these abortion profiteers.

Second, the last thing abortion supporters want us to think and talk about are the bodies of the babies. They prefer abortion to be an abstract debate about concepts, about “reproductive justice” and “Constitutional rights” and the philosophy of how consciousness constitutes personhood, etc., etc.

But discoveries like just happened in Illinois have people thinking and talking about bodies, arms, legs, heads, flesh, blood and bones. And that connects people with the humanity of these children, which is exactly what abortion supporters try to avoid.

That is why these children should be given an open-casket viewing – as the mother of Emmett Till insisted – and a very public funeral, broadcast on media worldwide.

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A third lesson from all of this regards how deeply damaged abortionists and their staff are. We who have studied and uncovered the corruption in the abortion industry for decades are not surprised at all by what was discovered in abortionist Klopfer’s home. Abortion destroys everything it touches, including the abortionist.

As I have learned from Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney, who founded the Society of Centurions by which, through a medically-based model of healing, former abortionists make the journey out of the abortion industry, these men and women are deeply conflicted by the killing they carry out. They resent the work they do yet feel trapped in doing it. They lie to themselves about the humanity of the children they kill, yet they cannot get those children out of their minds or their nightmares.

Killing children simply does not fit the framework of the human mind, heart, and body. Therefore, when you try to make it fit, it will morph into disturbing, shocking, and bizarre acts which reflect the very evil some tried to bury. Our interaction with the abortion industry has revealed these people playing games of catch – and even of wishbone – with the bodies of these babies in the clinics.

I have been privileged to conduct many wake services and funerals of aborted babies over the years. Each and every person who participates is deeply moved, and even those with decades of experience in the pro-life movement are brought to a new and profound awareness of what abortion really is. One of the things we can all do in the aftermath of this discovery is to help give names to each of these babies. They are not statistics or procedures, but our brothers and sisters, and the discovery of their bodies is a profound reminder of that. May God bring much good out of the evil that abortionist Klopfer did, and may all of us learn the lessons this tragedy offers us.