Professor Almost Flunks Student After She Turns in a Pro-Life Project

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 18, 2019   |   10:29PM   |   Davis, California

A pro-life student at the University of California-Davis accused a professor of nearly flunking her because she created an assignment with a pro-life message.

The College Fix reports Brianna Mangat is not politically conservative by any means, but she is strongly pro-life. And she believes what happened to her last spring may have been based on her professor’s pro-abortion political biases.

For the spring semester, Mangat enrolled in a “Queer Studies” class taught by Rana Jaleel (pictured), assistant professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, according to the report.

For one of their class projects, Mangat created a brochure to encourage people who are transgender and pregnant to choose life for their unborn babies. Students for Life of America provided a copy of the brochure to The Fix.

“Trans rights are human rights!” her brochure stated. “But what is the most basic human right? The right to life!”

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“Whatever you identify as, when you become pregnant you are not the only one affected,” it continued. “Choose life, give your child a chance!”

In the brochure, Mangat also stated that “Planned Parenthood lies” to pregnant people. She provided fetal development facts and described one of the most common abortion procedures, in which an unborn baby is killed by basically being vacuumed out of the uterus.

“Clump of cells? No! Abortion will hurt your child, and will hurt YOU!” she wrote. “Abortion is plainly murder.”

Until she handed in her brochure, Mangat said she had been getting an A in the class. But her professor gave her a “zero” on the brochure and accused her of “using biased resources,” according to Mangat and Students for Life.

The pro-life student organization defended Mangat’s brochure, saying she only “stated biological facts about fetal development” that “could be backed up through neutral resources.”

The project moved Mangat’s grade from an A to a D. She said she also received a 77 on her final paper, which was graded after she submitted her brochure.

The professor did not respond to a request for comment from The Fix.