Twenty One Pilots Singer Introduces His Unborn Baby: “I Brought a Couple People on Stage”

National   |   Katie Yoder   |   Sep 16, 2019   |   4:01PM   |   Washington, DC

At a time when celebrities flock in support of abortion, one singer is breaking the Hollywood mold by introducing someone new to his fans: his unborn baby girl.

The lead singer for Grammy award-winning band Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph, delivered a special message at the Lollapalooza Berlin music festival on September 7. It was a message that reached not only his audience abroad, but also millions of fans worldwide.

“I want to pause the show for just a second,” the 30 year old announced on stage. “I want to bring a couple people out on stage, okay?”

As the audience screamed and applauded in response, Tyler began smiling in video footage shared by his fans on YouTube and Twitter.

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“This is my wife,” he introduced Jenna as she walked out. “I know I said, I’m bringing a couple people on stage, and that’s true.”

One was his wife; the other, his unborn baby girl.

As Jenna revealed her baby bump, Joseph went down on one knee to kiss it. He quickly stood up again to kiss his wife too.

Jenna also had something to say about their baby. Following the event, she posted about her pregnancy on Instagram. One photo showed her and her husband, married for four years, in a swimming pool. The picture focused on her baby bump, with Tyler pointing at it, beaming.

She typed in the caption: “we are pregnant! we’re having a girl!” before joking, “Tyler already likes to take pictures with her more than me.”

Another post showed photos of her again, in a swimming pool, showing off her baby bump while wearing a red bikini.

She wrote, “photos by ty daddy. thanks for showing all your excitement for her.”

Tyler’s stance on life may be influenced by his faith – something he grapples with in his music. In a 2018 interview with Alternative Press, he spoke about his struggle with God.

“I still believe in God,” he stressed. “I still want to call myself a Christian—because I am a Christian. I don’t know how to talk to people about it yet. And if I can’t talk to other people about it yet or if I don’t know exactly why I should talk to other people about it, does it really mean anything to me, then? If I don’t truly have the answer, shouldn’t I just be talking about that? But I have to get there first.”

A later NME interview added that Tyler, as well as his band partner, Josh Dun, were both raised by religious families. And, in Tyler’s household, listening to secular music was largely forbidden.

“One of the misconceptions is because of where we are and what we’ve accomplished – and because people think we have some crazy rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle – that we’ve learned we don’t need God anymore,” Tyler told NME. “And that’s not it.”

“I’m the type of person who needs to challenge everything and my faith is something I’ve always gone through seasons of strongly challenging and once I’ve put it to the test and seen what it is, I’m able to reaccept it,” he said.

But while he questions his faith, he knows one thing for sure: his little girl, growing in the womb, is already a human person.

LifeNews Note: Katie Yoder writes for CatholicVote, where this column originally appeared.