New Sexual Kink: Couples Repeatedly Getting Pregnant and Having Multiple Abortions

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 11, 2019   |   8:08PM   |   Washington, DC

A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman recently told the AP that “EVERY reason to have an abortion is a valid reason.”

Her comment was about her employer’s lawsuit against a Missouri law that protects unborn babies from sex-selection and disability-based abortions. But one has to wonder how far her thinking applies.

As cruel and discriminatory as these abortions are, a new report suggests some couples may be aborting unborn babies for even more horrifying reasons. As unimaginably evil as it seems, apparently some couples find a sexual high in purposefully getting pregnant and aborting their unborn babies.

Summit News recently uncovered couples discussing the disturbing sexual fetish on Reddit. The comments came from a post where one user explained that their female friend “has a really powerful fetish for breeding.”

“She is with a male partner currently who is just like her, into breeding and they have been practicing their fetish for quite a few abortions,” the commenter wrote, noting that their friend never uses birth control.

Apparently, the friend is not the only one destroying unborn babies for a perverted sexual kink. Another person commenting on the post said he and his girlfriend have the same fetish, according to the report.

“My girlfriend enjoys her pregnancies and she enjoys the abortion,” the person responded. “Her preferred date to abort is between 20 and 24 weeks of gestation. I enjoy making her pregnant. And I enjoy the time of her pregnancy. She has no menstrual period and she is sexually very active.

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“In the last ten years in our relationship we have done seven abortions and my girlfriend is pregnant again with a little girl,” he continued.

A third person praised the abhorrent behavior, writing: “It is good (and rare) to hear of a couple (both man and woman) where both members are into abortion and pregnancy. This is a wonderful and potent example of personal power, where sex meets violence and creation combines with destruction,” the report continues.

The final comment suggests these couples know the utter depravity of their behavior. They are purposefully creating a baby’s life and then subjecting him/her to a violent, destructive death – all for a base feeling, a temporary high. By 20 weeks, strong evidence suggests that unborn babies are capable of feeling excruciating pain; and second-trimester abortions often involve dismembering the unborn baby while his/her heart is still beating. Purposefully creating a baby and then subjecting them to these horrors is outright sadistic.

One has to wonder at it being discussed – and praised – openly online. But when the abortion industry is telling women that any abortion is ok for any reason, should we really be surprised?

As Summit author Paul Joseph Watson responded, “Given that the left has turned abortion from something that used to be a shameful last resort into a celebrated virtue, it becoming a sexual fetish was always the next (il)logical step.”