Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboards Featuring Pictures of Newborn Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 6, 2019   |   10:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Billboards displaying the smiling faces of babies and messages of hope for mothers in need are being vandalized all across the United States.

The Pro-Life Action League reported the latest vandalism this week after it held its “Face the Truth” tour stop at Fullerton and Ashland in Chicago.

“When we arrived, we were delighted to discover a beautiful pro-life billboard looking down on us,” said Executive Director Eric Scheidler. “Well, some time after that Tour stop, the billboard was vandalized.”

The billboard shows the photo of a cuddly newborn and the words “A baby is a baby, born and unborn!” It also says “Heartbeat 18 days from conception” and includes a phone number and website to help mothers in need.

Sometime within the last week, vandals scrawled the words “My body, my choice” across the baby’s face, crossed out the word “unborn,” and crossed out the website so the billboard now reads “pro-life ruins lives.”

“How do you bring yourself to vandalize a picture of a beautiful newborn baby?” Scheidler asked. “Sadly, such hateful demonization of unborn children — and even born children like we’re seeing here — has become more and more common among abortion supporters.”

Prolife Across America, which sets up billboards to reach pregnant mothers across the country, has seen an alarming increase in vandalism this year.

“MORE defaced billboards!” the group wrote Aug. 15 on Facebook, sharing the photo of another vandalized billboard in St. Paul, Minnesota. The billboard, which showed the photo of a young child, was vandalized with the words “Abortions are painless, unwanted children aren’t.” The vandals also crossed out the website and phone number for women to call for free pregnancy help.

“Typically we see about 3 billboards a year that get defaced,” Prolife Across America continued. “The last 2 months we’ve seen over a dozen! PRAY for those vandalizing our boards!”

Since it wrote the post, the pro-life group shared news of yet another pro-life billboard being defaced.

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Scheidler encouraged pro-lifers to respond to the hate by continuing to stand strong for the unborn. Sept. 14 is the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children, and pro-lifers plan to gather at more than 180 sites across the country where aborted babies have been buried, he said.

“.. it’s so very important that we pro-lifers gather to pray in mourning for the unborn victims of abortion,” he said. “And all the mothers and fathers of those children. And for the vandal who lashed out on this billboard in Chicago. Only God’s love can heal the wounds of abortion.”

LifeNews also has observed a rash of disruptive, harassing and violent incidents this year: