Top Google Official Allegedly Assaults Pro-Lifer Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 5, 2019   |   2:03PM   |   Washington, DC

A man caught on video allegedly assaulting a pro-life advocate Saturday in Washington, D.C. appears to be a top Google employee.

The Daily Caller reports the man appears to be Quinn Chasan, the head of customer analytics at Google Cloud with the U.S. government, according to his LinkedIn profile. Photos from Chasan’s Instagram profile also appear to show the same man as the one in the video.

The allegations come amid growing concerns that Google has a strong pro-abortion, anti-conservative bias. Neither Google nor Chasan responded to the Caller’s requests for comment.

The alleged victim, Michael Gribbin, said the assault took place outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility while he was writing pro-life messages in chalk on the sidewalks.

He said the man punched him repeatedly and wrestled him to the ground, resulting in multiple bruises on his torso, leg and face.

Gribbin posted two videos of the incident on YouTube. He told the Caller that he began filming after the alleged assailant stole his chalk.

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The report continues:

The two video clips, posted to YouTube, show Gribbin following his alleged assailant and demanding his chalk back, which he had been using to write pro-life messages on the pavement outside of Planned Parenthood.

The video shows the alleged assailant taking the chalk out of the bag and throwing it. He then walks to and unlocks his bike. Gribbin grabs the bike and says he won’t allow the man to leave until the police arrive. The video then appears to show the assailant punching and pushing him to the ground.

Gribbin estimated that he was punched eight to 12 times.

In the second video, the man, allegedly Chasan, denied assaulting Gribbin and blamed him for keeping him from leaving the scene.

“That’s because you stole my chalk,” Gribbin replied.

The man responded, “Dude, I’m going to kick the s— out of you again if you don’t get off my s—.” Then, it appeared that the man assaulted Gribbin again by knocking the camera out of his hands.

Gribbin filed a report with police, and police said they are investigating.

“V-1 [victim] called for Police assistance after he was punched and pushed by S-1 [suspect] after a heated argument turned physical in the 400 block of M street,” according to the police report obtained by the Daily Caller. “N.E. M.P.D Officers arrived on scene where V-1 flagged Officers down to give his account of events. This is an open case.”

Gribbin described the assault as “political violence” based on his pro-life stance. He said he hopes his attacker will be brought to justice.

Michael New, a pro-life advocate and professor at Catholic University, condemned the assault in a comment to the Caller. New frequently helps coordinate sidewalk counseling efforts.

“It is of utmost importance to me that the sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors are safe at all times,” New said. “Chalking a public sidewalk is protected by the first amendment. Furthermore, no one should have to fear for their safely for espousing pro-life views in public.”

Pro-life advocates increasingly are being targets of violence, threats, harassment and vandalism. Earlier this week, LifeNews reported about a Texas pregnancy center that was vandalized twice this year. Police also arrested two men in August for making death threats against pro-life politicians in Australia. And in May, an elderly pro-life woman spent time in the hospital after a woman reportedly shoved her to the ground outside a Kentucky abortion facility.

LifeNews has reported a rash of disruptive, harassing and violent incidents this year: