Pro-Abortion Bernie Sanders Snaps at Crying Baby During Campaign Stop: “Could You Keep That Down?”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 4, 2019   |   4:06PM   |   Washington, DC

No one would accuse pro-abortion presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of liking unborn babies. And at a campaign stop on the presidential trail, Sanders did not like a crying baby either.

While he was in the middle of talking about health care and his plan for a huge government run boondoggle, Sanders snapped at the parents of a crying baby. After one cry, he asked the baby’s parents “Could you keep that down a little bit?”

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Sanders has a long history of supporting abortions up to birth and infanticide. This summer, Sanders said there would be no middle ground when it comes to his abortion advocacy.

“When it comes to abortion, there is no middle ground,” he said.

Last month, after Alabama passed a pro-life bill to ban abortions, Sanders called killing babies a “constitutional right.”

Sanders has never been a moderate on the abortion issue. And as a candidate for president he would take those views to the White House.

He consistently has stood by the Democrats’ radical pro-abortion agenda, and rejected even moderate abortion regulations, such as a late-term abortion ban. All indications suggest he would continue to do so if elected president of the United States.

Sanders’ votes have been consistently pro-abortion when it comes to protecting the most vulnerable, defenselessness lives in America today.

In January 2018, he voted against a bill to ban late-term abortions — a bill that would have saved as many as 18,000 unborn babies from abortions every year. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would have banned abortions after 20 weeks when unborn babies are capable of feeling intense pain.

The legislation had strong public support, but Sanders and his fellow Democrats killed it. Fifty-one senators (48 Republicans and three Democrats) voted to take the bill up for debate, but 60 votes were required to overcome Democrats’ filibuster.

Sanders’ famously couldn’t answer a question about if there was ever a time in pregnancy where he would ever limit abortions.

“Can you name a single circumstance at any point in a pregnancy in which you would be okay with abortion being illegal?” Bret Baier asked Sanders.

“It’s not a question of me being okay,” Sanders said. “I happen to believe that it is wrong for the government to be telling a woman what to do with her own body. I think, I believe, and I understand there are honest people. I mean, I have a lot of friends, some supporters, some disagree. They hold a different point of view, and I respect that. But that is my view.”

Sanders complained Republicans who want to “get the government off our backs,” yet “somehow on this issue, they want to tell every woman in America what she should do with her body.”

Baier followed up: “I guess the genesis of the question is that there are some Democrats who say after five months, with the exception of the life of the mother or the health of the baby, that perhaps that’s something to look at. You’re saying no.”

Sanders refused to allow any limits on abortion: “I am very strongly pro-choice. That is a decision to be made by the woman, her physician, and her family. That’s my view.”