Abortion Activist Only Gets Community Service After Threatening to Slit Pro-Life Lawmaker’s Throat

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 4, 2019   |   7:16PM   |   New South Wales, Australia

A man who threatened to slit the throat of a pro-life female lawmaker in New South Wales basically received a slap on the wrist last week in court.

A Penrith Local Court sentenced Wayne Anthony Pound, 47, of Kemps Creek, to 200 hours of community service after he pleaded guilty Aug. 27 to threatening MP Tanya Davies, The Western Weekender reports. Pound also received a 15-month good behavior bond with supervision as part of his sentence, the report states.

In August, Australian police charged Pound and another man with making violent threats against two New South Wales lawmakers who oppose a radical pro-abortion bill. Davies, a Liberal party member from Mulgoa, and Minister for Counter-Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts both received threats around the same time.

In the message left for Davies, Pound said: “Listen here, you dumb s—. A girl can do whatever she f—ing wants with her f—ing body. You can f— off, ring this number again and I’ll slit your f—ing throat.”

According to court documents obtained by the local news, Pound said he was angry because he received a text message from an unknown number about the abortion issue. He said he called the number back and left the threatening message because he supports abortion.

Pound also is on parole until May 2020 for driving offenses, according to the report.

“I am simply standing up for what I believe in and working hard to get this bill into a more humane and compassionate framework,” Davies said in August. “Abortion is a very complex, emotive and highly sensitive topic. We need to have a civilized conversation without threats of violence or death.”

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Both Davies and Roberts have been speaking out against a radical pro-abortion bill that political leaders are trying to ram through the state parliament. The legislation passed the lower house in a 59-31 vote in mid-August, just days after politicians introduced it.

If it passes the upper house, the bill would legalize abortion up to the point of birth with virtually no restrictions. It is similar to radical pro-abortion laws that passed in New York, Illinois, Vermont and Rhode Island earlier this year in the U.S.

Earlier, Davies told The Steve Price Show that pro-abortion political leaders have been pushing the bill forward without time to consider public comment, legal analyses and other concerns. Davies introduced an amendment to ban sex-selection abortions, pointing to evidence of 300 missing girls in the state of Victoria due to sex-selection abortions. However, the amendment did not pass, the Catholic News Agency reports.

“Our girls and our boys deserve better,” Davies said.“[The threat] has not deterred me in any way from pursuing the proper process on these matters as well as amendments to this bill …”

She and Roberts are not the first lawmakers to receive violent threats because they support protections for unborn babies. In July, an MP in Scotland, Dr. Lisa Cameron, was threatened with rape and assault after she voted against a pro-abortion measure. And earlier this spring, police investigated threats against a pro-life lawmaker in Texas, according to the Dallas News.

Last fall, various news outlets also reported a rash of threats, vandalism and other harassment against pro-life Republican lawmakers, their families and their staff.