Julian Castro Wants to Stop Euthanizing Dogs and Cats, Supports Euthanizing Unborn Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 21, 2019   |   4:34PM   |   Washington, DC

Democrat Julian Castro would provide more protections for dogs and cats than he would for unborn babies if elected president.

This week, the presidential candidate and former Obama administration official introduced his plan for animal welfare, including a ban on euthanizing dogs and cats in animal shelters, The Hill reports.

“We each have not only an opportunity, but a responsibility to advance the welfare of animals and protect endangered species from extinction,” Castro said. “It’s up to all of us — neighbors, local leaders, activist and yes, even candidates for president of the United States — to speak up and propose a plan for a more sustainable, happy, and healthy future.”

His plan would expand protections for other animals as well, including a ban on testing cosmetics on animals and increased penalties for cruelty to animals, the report states.

Here’s more:

The former San Antonio mayor and Housing and Urban Development secretary also calls for collaboration with federally supported homeless shelters to ensure homeless people with pets are not denied entry, and would create a $40 million grant program to ease the costs of spaying, neutering and vaccinations.

Castro’s plan would also address conditions for livestock and other animals raised in agricultural settings, supporting federal mandatory minimums for living space for animals like pigs and egg-laying hens.

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But Castro does not believe that babies in the womb deserve similar protections. Instead, he supports abortion on demand, and recently headlined an event with the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

Castro has been cozy with the abortion chain for years. In 2014, former Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards posted a picture of herself with Castro to congratulate him when he was confirmed as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development under the Obama administration.

He also supported Planned Parenthood’s effort to derail a late-term abortion ban in Texas. According to the abortion chain, Castro joined the pro-abortion Stand With Texas Women bus tour rally in San Antonio. He also is a long time supporter of Texas abortion activist Wendy Davis.

Castro supports forcing taxpayers to fund abortions through his Medicare for All plan. He also promised to appoint judges who would uphold Roe v. Wade, which allows unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth.

These positions not only are radical and out of touch with most Americans, they also are cruel to unborn babies. Abortions destroy the lives of unborn babies in barbaric, violent ways, sometimes by dismembering the baby while his/her heart is still beating. Every year, nearly 1 million unborn babies are legally aborted in America – including thousands who are capable of feeling pain.

Castro and his fellow Democratic presidential candidates claim to fight for the rights of the most vulnerable in society. They tout themselves as caring, compassionate lawmakers. But they ignore – and sometimes even embrace – the barbarity of abortions by ignoring the humanity of the unborn child and fighting instead for the abortion industry.