Kirsten Gillibrand Defends Abortions Up to Birth: “We Should Not Give an Inch on This”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 19, 2019   |   9:39PM   |   Washington, DC

Kirsten Gillibrand is putting abortion front and center in her failing presidential campaign.

The U.S. senator from New York visited St. Louis, Missouri, on Sunday to brag about just how much she supports abortion on demand.

“We need a next president who is unabashedly pro-choice,” Gillibrand said, according to the St. Louis Dispatch. “Someone who is going to see women’s reproductive freedom as the basic civil rights and human rights that they are. They should be our decisions to be made, no matter what.”

“Just imagine for a moment how great it would be to have a working mom in the White House …” she continued. “We need a woman at the head of the table.”

She promised not to “give an inch” on abortion, and to support it for any reason up to birth, the pro-abortion blog The Mary Sue reports. If elected, Gillibrand said her goals include forcing taxpayers to fund abortions by repealing the Hyde Amendment, nominating only pro-abortion judges and codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law.

“This is our fight, it’s our fight to win,” she said. “And I do not think we should give an inch on this issue. I think we should only support Democratic candidates that see women’s reproductive freedom as the fundamental human right that it is.”

Even though she is far behind in the polls, Gillibrand also criticized moderate voters, including Democrats, who do not support the Democratic Party’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

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Here’s more from the blog:

She criticized Democrats who see reproductive freedom as a fringe issue, saying, “These are intersectional issues that we have to put at the forefront. And women’s reproductive freedom is that issue. Because it’s an issue that is about controlling women’s bodies, it’s about mandating our decisions, it’s about taking away basic constitutional freedoms and economic freedoms. And it disproportionately affects women of color and it disproportionately affects transgender men.” …

“So the truth is,” she continued. “it’s something we must understand is an issue for all of us because it affects the whole country. So when Democrats try to say, ‘Well, we don’t want to just talk about women’s issues,’ give me a break. We’re 51% of the population.”

Women may be 51 percent of the population, but most women do not support Gillibrand’s extremism on abortion. Polls consistently find strong public support for abortion limits. They also show consistently strong opposition to taxpayer-funded abortions.

Earlier this summer, a Harvard University/Harris poll found that just 8 percent of Americans said abortions should be permitted up to the third trimester. And in February, another poll from Marist University found a massive shift toward pro-life after Democrats promoted abortions up to birth and infanticide.

It is not clear why Gillibrand thinks supporting taxpayer-funded abortions for any reason up to birth is a winning position. It isn’t.