“Comedian” Samantha Bee: Pro-Lifers are a Bunch of “Sh—- Men” Who “Don’t Know Where a Vagina Is”

National   |   Ryan Foley   |   Aug 16, 2019   |   7:55PM   |   Washington, DC

Once again, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee has apparently decided that her true passion is for left-wing politics, not comedy. On the most recent edition of her show on Wednesday night, Bee complained about the “terrible, restrictive abortion laws…being passed across the South” and “the shitty men who pass these laws despite not knowing where a vagina is.” Bee actually traveled to the South to talk to “the women who are doing so much to fight back” against the abortion laws, whom she portrayed as crusaders for “reproductive justice.”

As part of a pre-recorded satirical segment called “Sticky Fingers, Sticky Conversations” — complete with graphics that looked borrowed from Bravo’s Top Chef — Bee’s “correspondent” Naomi Ekperigin spoke with pro-abortion activist Loretta Ross at a barbecue joint, who talked about how “reproductive justice picks up when a person misses her period” and has “these oh, my God moments,” where she asks “whether she has healthcare, whether she could keep a job, whether or not she can stay in school, whether or not she’s gonna experience violence.”

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According to Ross, “if you have good answers to these questions, you may turn an unplanned pregnancy into a wanted child. But if you have bad answers, then even a planned pregnancy or a wanted pregnancy may end in an abortion.” It looks like “reproductive justice,” a phrase also celebrated by left-wing activist W. Kamau Bell in a recent episode of CNN’s not-funny show United Shades of America, amounts to nothing more than a cheery synonym for abortion.

Ross proclaimed that “people are tired of the pro-choice/pro-life binary so that’s why we’ve spliced together reproductive rights with concepts of social justice to create the phrase ‘reproductive justice.’” Later, Bee gave her take on “reproductive justice,” describing how it “means returning abortion to an integrated part of healthcare.”

At this point, a “menu” appeared on the screen suggesting that abortion is not that much different than other medical services such as “behavioral health services, midwifery services, and pregnancy testing.” This was eerily similar to Michelle Wolf’s declaration that abortion “should be on the dollar menu at McDonald’s.” As the “menu” appeared on the screen, Bee noted “we’re talking a full menu…I love sides.”

For her part, Bee spoke with some pro-abortion activists in Memphis at another barbecue joint, one of whom talked about how “there is a whole system that is designed to enforce their views on how women, mostly women…lead their reproductive life.” Bee asked the pro-abortion activists “do you think that if people were a tenth as excited about progressive activists in the south as they are about barbecue, the world would be just generally a better place?” One of them answered, “I think that this whole reproductive health issue is going to really be measured by what we do here in the South,” after effectively comparing the battle to secure “reproductive justice” to the civil rights movement.

As the abortion propaganda came to a close, Bee indicated that the next edition of “Sticky Fingers, Sticky Conversations” would focus on “ice cream and ICE raids.” While her left-wing audience can surely look forward to an entire skit trashing President Trump as racist, those hoping for comedy will once again find themselves disappointed by Samantha Bee.

LifeNews Note: Ryan Foley writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.