Pro-Life Lawmakers Face Death Threats After Voting Against Bill for Abortions Up to Birth

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 14, 2019   |   3:47PM   |   New South Wales, Australia

Two Australian government leaders received death threats this week after opposing a bill allowing unborn babies to be aborted for basically any reason up to birth.

The New South Wales Police Force said it is investigating death threats against Liberal MP Tanya Davies and Minister for Counter-Terrorism and Corrections Anthony Roberts, SBS News reports.

Both Davies and Roberts have spoken out against a radical pro-abortion bill that state leaders are trying to ram through NSW parliament. The legislation passed the lower house in a 59-31 vote last week, just days after politicians introduced it.

If it passes the upper house, the bill would legalize abortion up to the point of birth with virtually no restrictions. It is similar to radical pro-abortion laws that passed in New York, Illinois, Vermont and Rhode Island earlier this year in the U.S.

Davies told The Steve Price Show that she received the death threat earlier this week and alerted police immediately. She said the message was a “very, very violent accusation,” and police have a copy of it.

“What this shows is that the manner in which this abortion debate has been handled by the leadership of this government is so flawed it actually has caused people to react and to respond in extreme ways,” Davies said.

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She said pro-abortion political leaders have been ramming through the bill without time to consider public comment, legal analyses and other concerns. Davies introduced an amendment to ban sex-selection abortions, pointing to evidence of 300 missing girls in the state of Victoria due to sex-selection abortions. However, the amendment did not pass, the Catholic News Agency reports.

“Our girls and our boys deserve better,” Davies told Price.“[The threat] has not deterred me in any way from pursuing the proper process on these matters as well as amendments to this bill when it goes to the upper house next week.”

Here’s more from the report:

A spokesperson for NSW Police Force told SBS News on Wednesday it was now “conducting inquiries into threats made against NSW MPs”.

“As the matters are currently being investigated, it’s inappropriate to discuss the circumstances further,’ the spokesperson said.

Davies, the former Minister for Women, has been a strong advocate for the right to life and free speech in Australia. In 2018, she also spoke out against a “draconian” free speech ban that could send pro-lifers to jail simply for praying or providing information to women outside abortion facilities.

“They don’t force their views onto those women – they offer support and information that … may not necessarily be provided within an abortion clinic,” Davies said at the time. “.. they are offering simply another choice to these women – yet this bill will criminalize that offer.”

She and Roberts are not the first lawmakers to receive violent threats for opposing abortion. In July, an MP in Scotland, Dr. Lisa Cameron, was threatened with rape and assault after she also voted against a pro-abortion measure. And earlier this spring, police investigated threats against a pro-life lawmaker in Texas, according to the Dallas News. Last fall, various news outlets also reported a string of threats, vandalism and other harassment against pro-life Republican lawmakers and their families in the United States.