Woman Says, I Had an Abortion So I Could Buy My Son More Toys

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 9, 2019   |   3:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Some women feel pressured into abortions. Others are forced. Still more feel frightened and alone, thinking there is no other way.

But others abort their unborn babies for selfish reasons – as if their baby was a disposable, replaceable commodity.

The Sun, a British news outlet, recently ran one such story about a Kent woman and her ex-boyfriend.

Stacy-Jane Sullivan, 32, said she aborted her baby so that she could buy her older child toys and take him on vacation. Her ex-boyfriend, the father of both her children, did not want the baby either, and immediately told her to have an abortion so that he could go on living the life he wanted, according to the report.

Sullivan admitted that though she and her ex-boyfriend broke up two years ago, they sometimes got together for sex. She said she knew they would never be a couple again, though.

“I’m like clockwork with my cycle so when I was seven days late, I did a pregnancy test, saw the positive result and burst into tears,” she said. “I was a single mum already to Logan, 4, worked full time and knew I couldn’t look after two children.”

The British mother said she worried about her finances and her ability to buy her son more toys and take him on vacation.

“I was really proud of what I’d achieved so far in my life; taking myself through education, landing a great job, and being able to take Logan on holiday once a year and buy him all the toys and clothes he needed,” she said.

“Having another baby would change everything – having to give up my job and possibly get government help – and it meant Logan having to compromise and do without, too,” she continued.

Children are worth sacrificing for, and most families do. That’s part of what being in a family means. Loving each other unconditionally and sometimes having a little less because it means helping another person.

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Sullivan did waver about her decision to abort her baby, but her ex- did not.

“When I told Logan’s dad, he was unequivocal about not wanting another baby and said I should have a termination. Clearly, there was going to be no further support there,” she remembered.

Perhaps, if he had been more supportive and less self-centered, she might not have aborted their child.

“I agonized over the decision for days but knew ultimately I couldn’t go ahead with having the baby,” Sullivan said.

She scheduled an abortion, but before it happened, she began to bleed, according to the report. Sullivan said she went to the hospital for an ultrasound. Not knowing that she planned to abort her baby, the sonographer told her: “It’s good news. There’s still a heartbeat.”

Those words made her “twist with agony,” she remembered. But several weeks later, at 11 weeks of pregnancy, she went through with the abortion anyway. Afterward, she said she felt both guilty and relieved.

“Over time, the guilt has dissipated and now I’m totally fine with the decision I made,” Sullivan said. “Now I have Logan and I don’t look back. Instead I focus on our bright future.”

Unborn babies are unique, living human beings from the moment of conception. But we live in a society that increasingly treats them as disposable objects. Mothers and fathers are told that it’s ok — even beneficial – to abort their babies. They are told that it is ok to be selfish and put their desires ahead of their own child’s life.

This deadly selfishness has led to abortions because couples want a boy instead of a girl, because the baby has a cleft lip, or even because the parent wants to appear on a reality TV show. Some pro-abortion campaigns, like Shout Your Abortion, even celebrate this selfishness.

There is no “bright future” for these children. Sullivan and her ex- destroyed their baby’s life before he or she got a chance to grow and thrive. Their baby already had a beating heart and brain waves, tiny fingers and toes. He or she had their own unique DNA that determined their hair color, height, sex and more. He or she was a valuable human being who deserved better.