Woman Defends Aborting Her Baby: “I Thank God Every Day That I Don’t Have His Child”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 2, 2019   |   3:27PM   |   Washington, DC

An abusive boyfriend and a positive pregnancy test led a frightened teenager to the abortion clinic.

Rather than help the girl and her child, the abortion industry perpetuated the abuse by convincing her that it would be better to pay them to kill her baby.

The Easton Caller recently featured the tragic story in a piece that attacks states for passing pro-life laws.

The teen, identified only as Brie from Michigan, said she became pregnant at 17 when her manipulative boyfriend poked a hole in his condom to get her pregnant on purpose.

When she told him that she was pregnant, she said he “screamed with glee and told me that he had intentionally gotten me pregnant so he could ‘lock me in’ because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.”

To get away from him, she chose to abort her unborn baby.

“I took the day off of school and my friend drove me to the abortion clinic. This procedure took all of 5 minutes,” she said. “There was no baby to remove and dismantle. There wasn‘t even a fetus. It was an embryo that took 5 minutes and no blood shed to remove.”

Though Brie convinced herself otherwise, she already was a parent. It is not clear how far along she was in her pregnancy, but her baby, even at the embryo stage, already was a living, growing human being. He or she already had their own, unique DNA and almost certainly a heartbeat. He or she may have had fingers and toes and brain waves as well.

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Brie said she managed to obtain a judicial bypass so she could have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge or permission. It is not clear why. Judicial bypass exceptions to parental notification laws are supposed to be for cases involving parental abuse or neglect.

Brie did not mention having any problems with her parents. In fact, they appeared to be supportive after her ex-boyfriend told them about her abortion – they kicked him out of the house, according to the report.

“My parents who found out about my abortion and what he had done to me banned him from my house,” she said.

Though she broke up with him, Brie said he continued to stalk and threaten her. Eventually, she said he was arrested.

“I thank God everyday that I don‘t have his child,” she said. “That he wasn’t allowed to ‘lock me in.’ He is a psychopath and I would hate myself if I had brought an actual living and breathing child into this world with him as their father.”

She said she decided to share her story because she was so upset by the pro-life laws that passed in Ohio, Georgia and Alabama.

“I will never stop fighting for your rights as a HUMAN. Stay strong and never be ashamed of who you are and what you do with your own body,” Brie said.

Her baby was a human being who deserved rights, too. But society has convinced so many women and girls that the solution to horrible situations is violence against another human being, their own child. Rather than deal with the abuser, the poverty, the obstacles to her education or career, the abortion industry sells abortions as the answer.

Pro-life advocates believe there is a better way. Through pregnancy centers, education, legislative efforts and so much more, they work to support both mother and child. They lobby for laws to prevent rapists from getting custody of their child. They provide free diapers, cribs, ultrasounds and more to help struggling mothers. They provide counseling and encouragement and help them find ways to escape abuse and bring their abusers to justice. This is true compassion.