Late-Term Abortionist Admits: It’s a “Baby” and “I Have No Problem” Killing It

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 1, 2019   |   4:59PM   |   Washington, DC

LeRoy Carhart is one of just a few openly practicing late-term abortionists in the United States.

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In a recent interview with the BBC program “Panorama,” he candidly admitted that he kills babies, and he has no problem doing so – even after they are viable.

Carhart aborts unborn babies all the way up to birth at his late-term abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland. He also aborts unborn babies in Nebraska.

The aging abortionist, who is in his late 70s, told journalist Hilary Andersson that he “loves his job” and is proud to perform late-term abortions, The Christian Institute reports.

Unlike many abortion activists, Carhart uses the word “baby,” too.

Andersson noted: “It’s interesting that you use the word ‘baby’ because a lot of abortionists won’t use that. They’ll use the word ‘fetus’ because they don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a life.”

“I think that it is a baby,” Carhart replied, “and … I use it with the patients.”

“And you don’t have a problem killing a baby?” she asked.

“Absolutely not. I have no problem if it’s in the mother’s uterus,” he answered.

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Carhart claimed that he aborts viable, late-term unborn babies only for serious health reasons. But then he admitted to Andersson that he defines “health” very loosely.

According to the report:

But while he denies carrying out unnecessary abortions, Dr Carhart says “financial health” and “social health” would constitute medical health, adding, “there’s a large, large list”.

He admitted that he would be happy to perform any abortion if the mother tells him “it would destroy her life if she has to carry the baby”.

He also refused to commit himself to how late he would carry out an abortion.

When pressed, he said he was not comfortable saying, but added: “To the foetus it makes no difference whether it’s born or not born.”

He told a stunned Andersson: “The baby has no input in this as far as I’m concerned.”

At another point in the interview, Carhart described how he crushes the babies’ skulls to remove them, the report states. When the journalist seemed shocked at his vivid description, he replied: “Yeah but you’ve got to remember that this baby’s been dead for 48 hours. It’s not like we’re crushing a living skull.”

Babies are not the only ones who are dying after a visit to one of Carhart’s abortion facilities. Operation Rescue, a pro-life watchdog group, recorded evidence of at least 18 serious medical emergencies at his abortion facilities since 2012, including one woman who died along with her baby after a late-term abortion in 2013.

Carhart once told a group of medical students that he believes he is doing “God’s work” by killing babies before they are born.