George Soros Funds Activists Pushing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Worldwide

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 26, 2019   |   6:52PM   |   Washington, DC

George Soros, one of the richest men in the world, appears to be intent on pushing the world to legalize the killing of human beings.

The American billionaire is known for financing the abortion industry in America, giving it hundreds of millions of dollars in donations.

But the Capital Research Center reports Soros is one of the top financiers of assisted suicide and euthanasia advocacy groups as well.

His Open Society Foundations gave $540,000 to the Death with Dignity National Center, one of the three biggest assisted suicide advocacy groups in the world, according to the report.

There are other connections between Soros and the assisted suicide group as well. According to the report, its campaign strategist Mark Glaze used to be a consultant for Soros’ foundation.

These groups are pushing states and countries to legalize the killing of sick and dying patients in assisted suicides. In America, they advocate for laws allowing doctors to prescribe a lethal dose of medication to patients so they can kill themselves.

The Capital Research Center noted:

Activists want you to think this is a small, harmless, and apolitical cause. But the checkbooks behind the cause are very large, and very partisan. The Open Society Foundations (aka Open Society Institute), Foundation to Promote Open Society, and Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation fund almost exclusively left-of-center movements and nonprofits such as the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. This is no different. This movement is an affront to human life. To add insult to injury, it is clearly a partisan move by the political Left to assert more control in states.

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LifeNews has reported about Soros’s donations to the assisted suicide lobby in the past as well. His Soros Foundation gave the assisted suicide group Compassion & Choices $1 million in 2010 and was listed as one of its “top 75 grantees.”

Recently, Soros’s donations to the abortion lobby have drawn the most attention. He gave a whopping $85 million to groups sponsoring the pro-abortion Women’s March, according to Newsbusters.

Pro-lifers strongly suspected that Soros also may have illegally influenced the Irish election on abortion in 2018. The Irish government’s Standards in Public Office began asking questions of pro-abortion groups after a leaked document from Soros’s Open Society Foundation revealed plans to push Ireland and other countries to legalize abortion, the Catholic News Agency reports. Ireland prohibits groups from receiving donations larger than 100 Euros from foreign groups for political purposes. The office later decided that Soros’ $250,000 donation to the Abortion Rights Commission was illegal and demanded that it be returned.