New Planned Parenthood CEO: “We are a Health Care Provider” But We Also Love Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 24, 2019   |   4:26PM   |   Washington, DC

Planned Parenthood’s new CEO is going on the defense after its last leader helped to expose the abortion chain as a massive abortion business and political machine.

This week, Alexis McGill Johnson, acting president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood, wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post defending the billion-dollar “nonprofit” as a health care provider.

Johnson took over for former CEO Leana Wen, who said she was fired abruptly because she “did not prioritize abortion enough.”

“To counter those who associate the organization with only abortion and use this misconception to attack its mission, I wanted to tell the story of all of its services — and in so doing, to normalize abortion care as the health care it is,” Wen wrote.

But that was not what Planned Parenthood’s board wanted, and it kicked out Wen after a “secret meeting” early last week.

This week, Johnson attempted to do some damage control through the Washington Post.

“We are a health-care provider, plain and simple,” she argued in her column. “But as I begin my tenure as acting head of Planned Parenthood, some are dismissing or mischaracterizing the organization’s mission as ‘political,’ offering a false choice between advocating for women’s health and offering health care.”

She blamed other people for making abortions political and basically forcing Planned Parenthood to become a political organization.

This is not exactly true, though. Planned Parenthood has become increasingly political only in recent years. Its former, celebrated CEO Cecile Richards openly said that her goal was to make the abortion group more political.

“We aim to be the largest kick butt political organization,” Richards said in 2008. Since that time, Planned Parenthood has spent tens of millions of dollars on pro-abortion candidates and elections.

But Johnson implied that her two predecessors were both wrong. She argued that Planned Parenthood is a health care provider that is simply defending its right to abort unborn babies.

“Providing health care is meaningless if people cannot access it. Yet some lawmakers in statehouses and in Washington seek to use our basic health care as a football to score political points. Twenty-five million women stand to lose access to abortion with one Supreme Court decision. State legislatures have passed 26 bills to ban some or all abortions this year alone,” she wrote.

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She blasted pro-life Congressional leaders for trying to defund Planned Parenthood 21 times in the past four years.

“When we are accused of being political, we are standing up for patients,” Johnson continued. “We refuse to cower to politicians who would prefer to see Planned Parenthood destroyed. We are fulfilling our mission to deliver vital reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of people.”

If that was true, why did Planned Parenthood’s actual health care and patient numbers drop while it received a hundreds of millions of tax dollars under President Barack Obama and record revenues surpassing a billion dollars?

If Planned Parenthood is only interested in providing health care, why does it fight to overturn health care regulations that help ensure safe environments for patients? Why does it oppose annual inspections or regulations requiring that doctors perform abortions? Why does it oppose laws requiring that doctors have hospital admitting privileges to serve patients in emergency situations?

If it is not focused primarily on abortions and politics, why has it refused to comply with the new Title X regulations? The Trump administration policy allows groups to continue to receive taxpayer funding as long as they separate their abortion work from their actual health care.

The reason is because Planned Parenthood is not a primary health care provider. It is an abortion business that profits off the killing of unborn babies.

It has grown into a political giant because poll after poll shows that most Americans do not support its radical pro-abortion agenda. Planned Parenthood cannot rely on the public, so it spends massive amounts of money on electing pro-abortion candidates and challenging pro-life laws in court.

And Johnson vowed to “fight anyone who attempts to politicize” – or oppose – their radical pro-abortion agenda.

In other words, anyone who thinks abortions should be limited and shouldn’t be taxpayer-funded, anyone who thinks babies born alive after botched abortions should be protected or abortion clinics should be required to meet basic health and safety standards, is Planned Parenthood’s enemy, and they will use their billions of dollars to fight them.