Fortnite Star “Ninja” Says Doctors Told His Mom to Abort Him Because He’d Be Disabled, He Was Born Healthy

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 23, 2019   |   9:38AM   |   Washington, DC

A YouTube star known as Ninja surprised his followers this summer by telling them how he almost was aborted.

Gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has more than 22 million followers on YouTube and 14 million in Twitch. And on his 28th birthday, he took a break from gaming to thank his mom for choosing life when doctors encouraged her to abort him, Fox News reports.

“Those of you guys who don’t know, I was not supposed to be born, essentially,” Blevins said in a June 5 video on YouTube.

Pro-life activist Jason Jones first drew attention to the video after he said his 12-year-old son told him about it. The “Fortnight” gamer is especially popular with boys, something that Jones said encourages him a lot.

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In the video, Blevins said doctors thought he had a number of fetal abnormalities.

“A lot of the doctors told my mom that I had spina bifida or Down syndrome or a number of diseases and that I should be aborted,” he said.

Fortunately, his mother said no, and he was born healthy.

“And it’s one of those things where had she listened to one of those doctors or even one of those people, you guys wouldn’t be here. No one would be in this room,” the young man told his viewers.

“My mom is a saint and an angel and I love her to death,” he added.

In a Mother’s Day message earlier this year, Blevins praised his mother for teaching him to value life, according to Fox News.

“You always taught me that God has a plan, and for that I thank you so much and I love you so much for that,” he said in the video. “Mom, all I want to do is keep being the man you raised me to be and bring as much joy into other people’s lives as you do into others every day.”