Pro-Life Billboard Censored and Taken Down, Even Though Its Message is Accurate

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 22, 2019   |   10:12AM   |   Kelowna, Canada

A pro-life billboard exposing Canada’s radical pro-abortion laws was taken down recently after abortion activists complained.

Pro-life advocates in Canada do not have the same free speech rights that pro-lifers in America do. The billboard, which read “Our right to life does not depend on location” beside pictures of a pregnant woman and someone holding a baby, had to be taken down because of a ruling by the Ad Standards council, according to Global News Canada.

The Kelowna Right to Life Society paid for the billboard to run along the highway in West Kelowna for more than a year, the report states. The organization’s billboards have been vandalized several times in recent years.

Abortion activists filed a complaint with the council, claiming the billboard misled readers about late-term abortions in Canada.

“The billboard before indicated that a woman who was almost full-term could still just have the choice to terminate the pregnancy,” local abortion activist Ruth Mellor told the news outlet.

However, the pro-life organization is correct. Canada does not restrict abortions, not even late in pregnancy when the baby is viable and fully formed. For, example, in 2016, a Montreal woman gained international media attention after she aborted her 35-week unborn baby boy. Two hospitals refused to abort her baby, citing medical guidelines (not laws) that suggest abortions after 23 weeks should only be done for “serious congenital anomalies” or “exceptional clinical situations.” However, the woman found a third hospital that agreed to abort her son.

“Legally, every woman — and it’s a Supreme Court decision — has a right to an abortion at anytime before she gives birth,” Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette said at the time in reaction to the story.

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However, in the Kelowna billboard case, the Ad Standards council agreed with abortion activists’ misleading claims.

“… it is extremely rare that abortions are, or may be, performed in Canada at this late stage of pregnancy; and certainly not on demand by the pregnant mother,” the council wrote.

The council also argued that the billboard may be offensive to women who have had abortions or may want to, according to the report.

Kelowna Right to Life Society executive director Marlon Bartram said their billboard was true.

“We don’t think it is misleading because, in fact, there is no law against abortion in Canada throughout all nine months of pregnancy, so even a woman at that late stage of pregnancy can get an abortion in Canada if she can find a doctor to do it,” Bartram said. “We don’t believe it discriminates or put in a bad light any group of human beings.”

The pro-life organization, however, had to remove the billboard. Bartram said they are working on a new design to highlight how men often are hurt by abortions, too.

Abortions are legal for any reason up to birth in Canada. Euthanasia also has been legal in Canada for several years now, and politicians are talking about expanding euthanasia to sick children. Currently, only adults may be euthanized.

Canadians have faced a slew of assaults by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration. In 2017, Trudeau introduced a new policy requiring any group that applies for a Canadian Summer Jobs grant to sign a statement that they support abortion. The mandate prompted protests from Christians, Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups.

In 2017, abortion drugs also became available for the first time in Canada, and many provinces now force taxpayers to pay for them. Approximately 4,200 unborn babies in Canada were killed using the deadly drugs in the first year, according to Health Canada.

A recent poll found these radical pro-abortion policies are widely unpopular among Canadians.