City Adopts Resolution Opposing Abortion, Confirming Human Life Begins at Conception

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 22, 2019   |   3:23PM   |   Highland, Utah

Local government leaders in Utah passed a resolution this month to declare their support of protections for unborn babies.

Highland city leaders unanimously passed the pro-life resolution on Tuesday to applause from local residents, KUTV 2 reports.

The “Resolution Declaring the City of Highland’s Support for Protecting All Human Life” supports laws that protect “life from its earliest stages” and that life begins at conception, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. It encourages better education about “choosing life-affirming options for their unborn children,” including adoption.

The resolution also opposes the life-destroying practice of euthanasia and supports conscience protections for medical workers.

“We are thrilled to see the momentum continuing in this effort to save unborn babies in the state of Utah,” said Merrilee Boyack, chair of Abortion-Free Utah, in a statement. “First the City of Riverton, then Utah County, and now the City of Highland have all passed resolutions stating unequivocally that unborn life must be protected. These babies have the right to live!”

These Utah governments are not alone. Local government leaders in New Mexico, New York and Texas also have passed resolutions supporting the unborn this year.

Boyack said her pro-life group hopes other towns and cities in their state will pass similar measures.

However, a local abortion activist slammed the measure as an attempt to restrict abortions.


“Proponents of this resolution want to use local passage throughout Utah to justify state legislation that would radically restrict access to abortion and, in their minds, hopefully overturn Roe v. Wade in court,” said Lauren Simpson, policy director for the pro-abortion Alliance for a Better Utah, in a statement.

Resolutions are nonbinding, so they do not change laws, but they send a strong statement about the value of human life. Boyack said they also can encourage state and national leaders to pass laws protecting unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

In June, the eastern Texas city of Waskom adopted a pro-life ordinance declaring their home a “sanctuary city for the unborn.” Earlier this month, another Texas city considered a similar pro-life measure, but the council voted against it after the ACLU threatened a costly lawsuit.

In New Mexico, Roswell city leaders passed a pro-life resolution in March after state lawmakers considered a radical pro-abortion bill to expand late-term abortions. The bill narrowly failed in the state Senate.

In May, the Riverton City Council in Utah passed a similar resolution, declaring the city a “sanctuary for the unborn.” Then in June, the Utah County Commission unanimously passed a resolution supporting protections for unborn babies.

In New York state, Batavia city leaders and Putnam County legislators also passed measures condemning a radical new pro-abortion law in their state and supporting protections for the unborn.