Pro-Life Millennials Bike Ride Hundreds of Miles to Raise Funds for Pregnancy Centers

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 17, 2019   |   5:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life Millennials demonstrated their compassion for unborn babies and mothers this summer during a 1,200 kilometer bike ride to raise money to end abortions.

The Religion News Service profiled their efforts through the “Biking for Babies” organization, a 10-year-old organization that raises money for pregnancy resource centers.

Andrew Martin, 27, a data scientist, and 22 others aimed to raise $150,000 this year to help mothers and babies in need, according to the report. Martin said he also hoped to raise awareness “against the common narrative that every young person, every millennial is secular, pro-choice.”

Martin said his group rode an average of 190 kilometers a day and eventually met up with other young, pro-life bikers from other states. Their fundraising trip took them through the Midwest, with riders setting out from Madison, Wisconsin; Columbus, Ohio; Holly, Colorado; and Tylertown, Mississippi, according to the report.

The riders said they received a lot of support along their journey from host families and passers-by.

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“We’re here to say that the right to life is not something to be politicised and although it takes longer, we want to change the culture,” said Nikki Biese, 28, executive director of Biking for Babies. “We don’t believe that it’s a right that you have to kill your child and get an abortion, and we don’t want anyone to believe that that is something they need to do.”

She said they raised $82,000 last year to help mothers and babies through 33 pro-life pregnancy centers. These centers offer free material and emotional support to pregnant and parenting mothers. Many provide free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, diapers, maternity clothes, cribs and other items to help struggling families.

“Our mission is to renew the Culture of Life, one pedal stroke and one pregnancy resource center at time, by increasing PRC awareness, raising financial and spiritual support and forming pro-life missionaries,” the organization website states.