WATCH: Activist Uses Watermelon to Demonstrate How to Kill Babies in Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 15, 2019   |   11:27AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists demonstrated how easy it is to abort an unborn baby during a progressive political conference Friday in Philadelphia.

Using a watermelon to simulate the procedure, abortion activists with Abortion Access Front tried to convince people that it is both simple and safe to abort an unborn baby with a plastic manual vacuum aspirator and cannula, The Blaze reports. Never mind that watermelons are not unique human beings with heartbeats.

One video shows abortion clinic consultant Jen Moore Conrow explaining how to abort an 11- to 12-week unborn baby, using a watermelon to simulate a pregnant woman’s uterus. This happened during a panel discussion at the Netroots Nation conference, according to Breitbart. The panel title was “Operation Save Abortion.”

“We create suction to remove pregnancy tissue,” Conrow explained, holding the plastic manual vacuum aspirator.

Another panelist added: “It’s not surgery. It’s basic health care. It’s easy to do, safe. We need more providers.”

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A second video by the Washington Times shows the same women demonstrating the “watermelon abortion” at their display table during the conference.

According to the report: “Conrow claimed the procedure takes 3-5 minutes and leaves women feeling ‘OK afterward.’ Ironically, she did not perform the abortion process herself, but rather left that task to an assistant.”

The video shows the assistant struggling with the abortion tools before finally completing the “abortion.”

Afterward, Conrow said, “That’s the whole shebang!” as if killing an unborn baby who already has a beating heart, tiny fingers and toes, brain waves and more is something simple and good.

A number of commenters online rhetorically asked why the group did not show an actual abortion. “Oh yeah, that would be revolting. So, let’s work with a piece of fruit. How disingenuous!” one replied. “Because some people might lose their lunch as a result become the next Abby Johnson….opposing abortion,” another added.

Abortion activists have been on a crusade to convince the public that killing an unborn baby is normal. They have abandoned the old rhetoric about abortions being rare and troubling but necessary, and now demand that the public accept abortion as a moral good. But the truth is stronger than the rhetoric. That a unique, individual human life begins at conception is a well-accepted scientific fact. And ultrasounds demonstrate the amazing details of an unborn baby’s development even at their earliest stages. These simple facts demonstrate that unborn babies are valuable human beings, and abortions are barbaric procedures that destroy their lives.