Abortion Activists Vandalize Van Offering Free Ultrasounds to Pregnant Moms

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 15, 2019   |   5:06PM   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

A pro-life organization offering free ultrasounds to pregnant mothers in need was vandalized Saturday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The mobile ultrasound unit, which is owned by Human Coalition, was parked near a huge, new Planned Parenthood abortion facility in the city, the Catholic News Herald reports. Trained medical workers use the vehicle to offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and other information and support to pregnant moms.

During the night of July 11, the words “PRC LIES TO WOMEN” were painted in red across the side of the vehicle, according to the report. Local pro-life advocates informed the police, who are investigating.

Brian Fisher, president of Human Coalition, said they use the mobile ultrasound units to reach women in crisis.

“These mobile clinics are necessary because some women can’t get to our brick-and-mortar clinics when they are in crisis. They may not have transportation or may live too far away. So our mobile clinics go to them,” he explained in an email to supporters. “But not everyone appreciates the compassionate care we provide for women.”

He said their pro-life organization regularly faces attacks from the pro-abortion movement. Fisher described how they have been censored on Twitter and the Apple App Store and volunteers and staff have been subjected to verbal abuse and threats – including one staff member who had a gun pulled on her.

“And the abortion movement has made it clear how they feel about us offering true hope and help to women in Charlotte,” he noted, referring to the vandalism.

For decades, Planned Parenthood’s Charlotte facility did not provide abortions; it only referred women to other facilities for them. However, that will change when it moves into its $10 million new building.

The abortion chain wants to begin aborting unborn babies this summer in the city; however, the state Department of Health and Human Services had not approved its abortion clinic application as of July 10, according to the News Herald.

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If it does, Planned Parenthood will be the fourth abortion facility in Charlotte.

But pro-life advocates in the city said they are not giving up hope.

“How do we respond? By rescuing more and more children, and by serving more and more women,” Fisher said. “We pray for those who hate us and attempt to obstruct us; but we also use every obstacle and insult as motivation to reach the next mom, rescue the next child and restore the next family as quickly as possible.”

Along with providing pregnancy resources, pro-life advocates also have been holding prayer vigils and rallies outside the new facility, according to the local news.

As pro-life advocates increase their efforts to help unborn babies and mothers, they also face growing hostilities, including threats, harassment, vandalism and violence.

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