During White House Summit, Lila Rose Slams Social Media Giants for Censoring Pro-Life Groups

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jul 11, 2019   |   7:02PM   |   Washington, DC

During the White House Summit today on social media and censorship of pro-life conservatives, Lila Rose of Live Action slammed Facebook, Google, YouTube and others who are censoring pro-life organizations including LifeNews, Live Action and others.

“I’m very concerned about the future of censorship online. It’s corrosive to public discourse and freedom of speech. These are our public forums today. This is where content is shared. This is where news is shared,” Rose said.

SIGN THE PETITION! Attention Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube: Stop Censoring Pro-Lifers

After her comments she talked about the importance of the summit in an email to LifeNews.

“Earlier today, I had the opportunity to visit with President Trump and discuss the ongoing efforts by Big Tech companies to suppress and silence pro-lifers like you and me,” she said. “Big Tech is clamping down on Live Action because we are so effective and driving the national debate on abortion.”

“They see our culture turning against the killing of preborn children more and more every day, and that’s why they are going to such lengths to suppress the truth. Their actions have gone above and beyond censorship and are extremely disturbing not just for pro-life Americans, but also for every American’s right to free speech,” Rose added.

“That’s why I am so grateful to President Trump and the White House staff for the opportunity today to speak out against this censorship. I hope we can see the day when free speech is protected and we can continue to speak out in defense of the preborn,” Rose continued.