Awesome Ultrasound Photo Shows Unborn Baby Flashing Rock and Roll Sign

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 10, 2019   |   4:28PM   |   Washington, DC

A baby girl amazed her music-enthusiast parents when she formed her hand into a rock and roll sign during her 24-week ultrasound.

People reports Jodie Lee and David Langham, of East Sussex, England, said their unborn daughter, Isla, initially hid her face from them during the appointment. But after Lee began speaking to her, she raised her tiny hand in a rock and roll “sign of the horns” – making them all the more excited about her birth.

“[Davie] went from having tears in his eyes to getting the giggles,” Lee said, remembering the day of her ultrasound. “You get excited [at the scans] anyway because you realize it’s actually a person in there, but we were even more excited to meet her after that.

“As soon as we saw her hand we thought it was the best thing ever. We loved it,” she said. “Isla showed her love of music before she even arrived and now she’s our little rock chick.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Lee said she played music for Isla through headphones over her stomach. She said they played a wide variety of music for her, ranging from opera to Michael Jackson. She said Langham is “massively into music,” according to the report.

Isla is 18 months old now and, like her father, loves music, her parents said.

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“As soon as she hears music, even from a passing car, she’ll stop, put both her hands in the air and bounce up and down or shake her bum. She never stops,” her mother said. “She’s our little miracle and we’d wanted her for so long.”

Ultrasounds provide an amazing window into the womb. Parents have watched in awe as their unborn babies wave, clap their hands, suck their thumbs, yawn and more.

Sometimes these life-affirming images even save lives. In 2013, one mother explained how she was considering an abortion until she saw her baby smile over the ultrasound screen. Another young woman shared in 2017 how she chose life after seeing her baby’s heartbeat.

A survey by the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates found that 78 percent of mothers who saw an ultrasound image of their unborn child before deciding about abortion chose life.