IVF Mixup Has Woman Giving Birth to Someone Else’s Twin Babies

National   |   Alexa Seacrest   |   Jul 8, 2019   |   4:53PM   |   Washington, DC

A couple filed a lawsuit against a fertility clinic, claiming the mother gave birth to other couples’ babies.

Referred to as Y.Z. and A.P. in court documents, the New York couple spent over $100,000 at CHA Fertility Center, a clinic based out of Los Angeles, according to ABC7.

After struggling to conceive for years, the couple resorted to in vitro fertilization or IVF. In this procedure, egg cells are manually fertilized with sperm in a lab and later transferred to a client’s uterus.

In early 2018, CHA Fertility collected the sperm sample and egg cells from Y.Z. and A.P., forming five embryos, four of which were female, CNN reported.

After an initial failure, the couple conceived twins in September 2018. However, sonograms taken at three and five months revealed that the couple was pregnant with twin boys.

As there had only been one male embryo in the set and it had not been used for either transfer, this revelation raised red flags, the Washington Post reported.

Despite their confusion, doctors at CHA Fertility reassured the couple that the sonogram was “not accurate and that it was not a definitive test,” according to CNN.

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However, when the couple gave birth in March 2019, both babies were male.

In addition, both Y.Z. and A.P. are Asian, yet neither infant was of Asian descent.

DNA testing established that neither baby was related to either member of the couple. The tests also revealed that the “twin” babies were not even related to each other. They each possessed the DNA of other couples who are also clients at CHA Fertility, according to WaPo.

After Y.Z. and A.P. restored the babies to their rightful parents, they filed a lawsuit against CHA Fertility, citing medical malpractice, negligence, breach of contract and more than ten other counts, ABC7 reported.

The couple claims to have suffered “significant and permanent injuries for which they will not recover,” according to WaPo.

CHA Fertility has yet to reveal what happened to the original embryos of Y.Z. and A.P, according to CNN.

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