My Kids Can’t Wait to Go to a Pro-Life Youth Summer Camp, Here’s Why

Opinion   |   Bryan Kemper   |   Jun 28, 2019   |   1:28PM   |   Washington, DC

Forget the lake, this summer I am taking my sons to D.C. for Pro-life Youth Summer Camp.

On a daily basis my children ask me about what they hear in school or see online about President Trump and the elections. The younger kids have such a simple and innocent approach to what I do for work: Daddy saves babies.

They have grown up in a family of seven kids and seen pregnancy first hand many times. They have seen the loss of a child through miscarriage and mourn the loss of their sibling often when they visit his grave to leave toys for him. They have seen their older sister embrace an unexpected pregnancy and welcome their niece into our family with love.

They understand that some people don’t believe that children in the womb have rights and they reject that thought categorically when they brag about their dad saving babies.  They know abortion is killing and refuse to even consider any excuse or justification for such an evil.

Two of my sons, Atticus and Jaemison, are teenagers and have grown up going to events with dad, standing in front of abortion mills praying with dad and watching dad speak at concerts, rallies and so many other events. They have asked to go with me whenever I have to leave town for a pro-life event but unfortunately can’t go so many times.

Summertime  is different; they know that every summer dad is part of a pro-life training camp for youth. Their older sister, who now has a baby herself, had been part of this camp and Jaemison has been for the past two summers. This year Atticus is finally old enough and he cannot wait.

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On July 16 the three of us will get in my car and drive to Washington, D.C. to take part in the Survivors Youth Pro-life Training Camp ( for 10 days in our nation’s capital. They are so excited to join dad and learn more about how to be a voice for the voiceless and effectively engage our culture with the message of life.

Parents love to see their kids accomplish great things; hit home runs, score touchdowns, make the honor roll and so many other great moments of childhood. I can tell you that when my son caught his first interception in peewee football I screamed so loud it could have drowned out a tornado siren.

I love seeing my kids strive for accomplishments and achieve great things. I am a proud dad. But more than all of that when I see my kids take an active stand for the dignity of human life I am prouder than ever. They give up 10 days of their summer fun to sit in a classroom setting for hours a day to learn about pro-life work. They take to the streets all afternoon and evening to be a public witness for life and don’t care what anyone says to discourage them. They become activists like their father and I cannot even begin to describe how amazing that feeling is when I see them in action.

With the landscape of politics today and the surge of pro-life laws being passed in so many states this year’s Survivors camp is more important than ever. With every single democratic nominee for president standing so firmly on the right to kill innocent babies in the womb, many of them supporting it up until birth, we must raise our voice.

Last week I wrote a commentary published at LifeNews about the cost of silence in the face of the abortion holocaust. My children have decided that they cannot be silent and want to join their father in this monumentally important fight. My son Jaemison last year wore a pro-life t-shirt to eighth grade almost every day. Atticus is now joining his brother with a passion to take a stand. They understand the cost of silence and are refusing to sit on the sidelines; they are boldly taking the truth to the frontlines.

As the Youth Outreach Director for Priests for Life, I have spent countless hours with Father Frank Pavone, National Director, talking about how we can educate, equip and activate the youth to be the generation that abolishes abortion. We at Priests for Life are excited to be a part of the Survivors Youth Pro-life Camp and encourage anyone reading this to consider sending your kids to camp and to pray for all the young people taking a stand.

We will be posting updates, photos and stories from camp daily at as well as on all our social media platforms, which you can follow from our website. Please visit today to find out how you can help support these amazing young people and see what to pray for each day.

Bryan Kemper

LifeNews Note:  Bryan Kemper is the founder of Stand True Pro-Life Outreach, the youth outreach of Priests for Life. Follow Bryan on Twitter.