Young Woman With Down Syndrome on Abortion: “Why Do They Want to Kill Us All?”

State   |   Brenna Lewis   |   Jun 26, 2019   |   1:24PM   |   Boston, Massachusetts

Hannah Peskin is a young woman from Massachusetts who joined Students for Life and hundreds of other pro-life advocates recently to oppose the ROE Act in Boston. Every attendee (so many that they completely overflowed the state house) was there to oppose abortion, but Hannah was there because the ROE Act was personal.

Here is Hannah’s testimony against this extreme abortion bill:

My name is Hannah Peskin. I am 27 years old. I was born with Mosaic Trisomy 21 (Downsyndrome) and autism. Did you know that 70-90% of babies diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in the womb are aborted in the US? In Iceland and Denmark, it’s nearly 100%! Today in 2019, more and more children with Down’s syndrome are attending public school with their same-age peers and playing on sports teams with them.

More and more adults are working out in the community and the days of sheltered workshops are almost over. Some of us live independently as adults and a few even get married! I have talked with parents who were pressured to abort their children once they found out their child has Down’s syndrome or another disability. It is obvious that some “experts” see us as a burden on society and our lives are not worth living.

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A survey showed 99% of individuals with Down’s syndrome are happy with their lives, and 96% are happy with their appearances. So why do they want to kill us all?

I won 2 bronze medals and a gold in Special Olympics swimming this weekend! Down‘s syndrome and autism don’t stop me.

LifeNews Note: Brenna Lewis writes for Students for Life.