Woman Screams in Agony as She Regrets Ending Her Baby’s Life in Abortion

Opinion   |   Bryan Kemper   |   Jun 25, 2019   |   12:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Many years ago I was sitting with a group of friends listening to a recording of a woman wailing and moaning in anguish. I can honestly still hear the screams in my head today, screams like I have never heard before.

We all sat in silence, tears in our eyes as we could almost feel how much pain this woman must have been in. I remember thinking how I had never in my life heard such a scream, not even in the most dramatic or scary movie.

Looking back at the fact that we sat in silence, the irony of that scene strikes me today. The fact is we were silent because of our shock; we were silent because we knew exactly what caused her pain. Her pain was partly caused by the silence of our nation towards a vile injustice so violent in nature that it cost over a million lives a year in America alone.

She believed the lies that were told to her, lies that told her that her action was a solution that would make her life better. She thought she was trapped in a situation that so many told her could be fixed with a simple trip to the clinic, the abortion clinic. This woman had just come to realize that the “choice” she was encouraged to and did make was to take the life of her unborn child.

She was sitting with counselors who were trying to console her and walk her through her journey of healing from the pain and guilt she felt. They let her empty herself with hers cries, they let her release the pain with a primal scream. They were there for her to help her come to the forgiving and healing love of Christ.

The irony of the silence of our group comes from our awareness of the silence of so many people who know the truth about abortion. The silence in the face of violence that takes place thousands of times a day in our very own neighborhoods. The silence of churches whose congregations assemble every Sunday directly next to or across the street from the very buildings where blood is spilled on Saturdays.

The cost of this silence is a death toll that has surpassed well over 50,000,000 and is growing daily. We sit in churches and listen to our pastors talk about children being made in the image of God and yet right down the street we do nothing as these precious image-bearers are ripped limb from limb. Most of us have done little or nothing to fight this great injustice.

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When my eyes were opened, when I realized the color of my silence was the red blood spilled that I conveniently ignored for so many years, I was devastated. When I admitted to myself that I was guilty of apathy and willful ignorance, I knew I could no longer be silent and must try and wake people up and ignite action.

I never realized how hard it would be to get people to just want to go pray at an abortion mill. I thought once I explained to them what was happening they would drop everything and go pray with me. I was so wrong. The fact is, while so many people say they are “pro-life” they really have no idea of what abortion is and the toll it is taking. For so many, abortion is simply a political issue, not an ongoing genocide taking place directly in front of them.

This is changing. The climate in America is changing toward an awareness of the true nature of abortion. With the technology we have to open the window into the womb and see the humanity of preborn life, eyes are opening. With people like Abby Johnson and Melissa Ohden sharing their stories with the world, we have seen so many hearts changed to pro-life. With legislation being passed by some courageous politicians to protect innocent life in the womb, the shift towards a culture of life is in our reach.

But all of this will mean nothing unless we breaks the decades of silence and apathy and embrace the chance to abolish the abortion holocaust. Churches need to be sanctuaries for pregnant women – not shaming them for the circumstance of their pregnancy but embracing them and their babies without hesitation.

We must not cower to the pressure, hate and vile attacks of the abortion industry and those who worship the god of convenience. We must not care about the names we are called, the lies told about what we believe or the ignorant hatred spewed at us. We must stand on the truth that God has given us and be a bold witness for those who bear His image but have been reduced to nothing more than a blob of tissue.

We must raise our voices together and proclaim that we are the generation that will abolish abortion. We must break the silence with a deafening cry for justice for our most venerable brothers and sisters. We must stop saying we are pro-life and start actually being pro-life.

The cost of our silence has stained our nation blood red, but our action can end this bloodshed and restore a culture of life.

Will you stand with me? Will you raise your voice? Will you break the silence?

LifeNews Note:  Bryan Kemper is the founder of Stand True Pro-Life Outreach, the youth outreach of Priests for Life. Follow Bryan on Twitter.