Grand Jury Won’t Indict Abortion Clinic Customer Charged With Assaulting Elderly Pro-Life Woman

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 24, 2019   |   2:35PM   |   Louisville, Kentucky

A Kentucky grand jury refused last week to indict a woman who allegedly assaulted an older pro-life advocate in April, causing injuries that led to her hospitalization.

The Courier Journal did not report a reason for the grand jury’s decision not recommend charges against Janaya Alyce Gregory, 32, of Louisville, in the incident.

Local authorities initially charged Gregory with second-degree assault for allegedly pushing Donna Durning, 82, outside the EMW Women’s Surgical Center, the only abortion facility in Kentucky. Gregory pleaded not guilty, and a local abortion advocacy group set up a fund to help her pay for her legal fees, according to the local news.

The group even claimed Durning “staged a fall while harassing Gregory,” according to the report.

According to a Facebook post about the incident, Durning has been a pro-life sidewalk counselor for 23 years and, on April 12, she was assaulted outside the abortion facility in Louisville.

A surveillance video later confirmed what Durning and other pro-lifers said: A young woman exited the abortion facility and, as Durning approached her and attempted to give her literature with information about abortion alternatives, the woman pushed her to the ground.

“I had a little card from Little Way Crisis pregnancy center, and I just offered it to her. And I said, ‘Honey, if you need to talk to anybody, there’s a number on here,’” Durning told the local news.

At first, Gregory allegedly ignored Durning; however, she “turned back around and charged at the victim, bumping (the) victim with her body and causing (the) victim to fall backward,” according to court records.

On the video, viewers can hear someone scream after Durning was pushed to the ground. The woman, allegedly Gregory, quickly got in her car and drove away, as another sidewalk counselor walked to the vehicle, supposedly to write down the license plate number.

“Police officers were across the street at the time and came over as soon as they saw the attack. They took the abortion facility’s surveillance tapes. Witnesses wrote down the license plate number of the car Durning’s attacker left in,” according to LiveAction. That part is not shown in the video.

The AP reports Durning suffered a broken femur and head injuries, and spent time in the hospital and rehabilitation after the alleged assault.

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Local authorities said they will respect the Jefferson District Court grand jury’s decision.

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