Heartbreaking Video Shows Father Begging Girlfriend Not to Have Abortion: “Please Don’t Kill Our Baby”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 19, 2019   |   12:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion is not just a women’s issue. It affects the entire family, as one heartbreaking video recently evidenced.

In the now-viral video, viewers can see a man standing outside an Illinois abortion clinic begging his partner not to kill their unborn baby.

“Please don’t kill our baby! Abby! Don’t kill our baby,” the man says before bursting into tears.

The video came from John Ryan, a pro-life advocate, who posted it on his Facebook page. Reports indicate the heartbreaking incident took place outside the Hope Clinic for Women, an abortion facility in Illinois. Ryan identified the man as “Tyler.”

“Fathers Day weekend nightmare,” Ryan wrote. “This father is kneeling at the doors of this abortion mill crying out hysterically for the life of his child. His name is Tyler. Mothers name is Abby. Please pray for him.”

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He posted a second video showing Tyler sitting in the parking lot crying.

“I’m such a good Dad. I took care of her kids, too. And the other guy she’s let back in her life doesn’t even take care of his own kids,” he says.

Ryan described his conversation with Tyler: “He said Abby has been abused in her life and one of those involved in the abuse, her stepmother, is the one that brought her here to kill their child. He said she has three other children at home including a 4 1/2-year-old who is very much aware that mom is pregnant and looking forward to the birth of her sibling. He said they planned this baby.

“The baby at risk is 12 weeks old. In the attached videos you can hear this father crying out for his child’s life. It is heartbreaking. This is what a real father does when his child is in imminent danger,” Ryan wrote.

Later, when asked about the matter on Facebook, Ryan said he believes Abby went through with the abortion, but he could not confirm it for certain. He said he and other sidewalk counselors offered Tyler their contact information to help in any way they can.

Fathers, mothers, siblings, grandparents and other family and friends all can suffer as the result of an unborn baby’s abortion death. Pro-life organizations offer post-abortion healing programs for men as well as women who are suffering from the abortion death of an unborn child. One such program is Rachel’s Vineyard, which offers retreats for men and women to help them heal after abortion. The Men and Abortion Network (MAN) is another. It provides healing courses, videos, research and educational materials to men who have been affected by abortion.

With more than 61 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, society will never know how many men and women are hurting silently. But stories like Tyler’s serve as a reminder that abortions have a ripple effect that hurt the entire family, not just the baby in the womb.