Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris Will Celebrate Abortion at Planned Parenthood Forum

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 14, 2019   |   11:20AM   |   Washington, DC

The abortion chain Planned Parenthood is trying to show off its political influence by hosting a political forum with the Democrats seeking to challenge President Donald Trump in 2020.

Among those expected at the June 22 event are U.S. Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, two favorites among abortion activists, according to the blog Stylist.

The forum, hosted by Planned Parenthood’s political arm, will be held in Columbia, South Carolina, in connection with the state Democratic Party convention, the New York Times reports. The abortion group said it will give candidates 15 minutes each to answer questions about abortion, contraception and other issues.

“It’s crystal clear that access to reproductive health care — including safe, legal abortion — is a top issue heading into 2020,” Planned Parenthood executive Kelley Robinson told the newspaper. “If the 13 million-plus Planned Parenthood supporters turn out to the polls and activate their networks, they can tip the 2020 election.”

Other participants will include U.S. Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker, as well as Pete Buttigieg and former Vice President Joe Biden, according to the report. So far,16 candidates have said they will participate, the abortion group said.

Planned Parenthood spends massive amounts of money to support candidates who promise to keep abortions legal and unregulated. Last year, the group reported more than 330,000 abortions and a record $1.66 billion income.

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In 2018, Planned Parenthood spent an estimated $50 million to support pro-abortion candidates, almost all of whom were Democrats.

Harris and Warren both have 100-percent pro-abortion voting records. They recently introduced plans detailing how they would support and expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions if elected president. Their plans include forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions. Both also recently voted against a bill to protect newborns from infanticide.

Polls consistently show that most Americans do not support these Democrats’ positions on abortion.

A national poll by Marist University found that three in four Americans (75 percent) say abortion should be limited to – at most – the first three months of pregnancy. This includes most Republicans (92 percent), Independents (78 percent) and Democrats (60 percent). It also includes more than six in 10 (61 percent) who identify as “pro-choice” on abortion.

Most Americans do not want their tax dollars to fund the killing of unborn babies either. In 2016, when Hillary Clinton campaigned on the same issue, a Harvard University poll found that only 36 percent of likely voters support overturning the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits tax dollars from funding abortions in Medicaid.