Four Pro-Life Advocates Arrested After Going Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jun 10, 2019   |   3:28PM   |   Flint, MI

Four pro-life advocates were arrested Friday inside a Michigan abortion facility for trying to save unborn babies from abortion.

The Red Rose Rescue, a project of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, involves pro-life advocates peacefully entering an abortion facility and offering information and encouragement to the women inside.

On Friday, seven pro-life advocates participated in the event at the Women’s Center Abortion Clinic in Flint, according to the pro-life group. Later, local police arrested four of the pro-life advocates after they refused to leave the building, ABC News 12 reports.

Monica Migliorino Miller, director of the pro-life organization, said they had about 10 minutes to counsel women in the waiting room before the abortion facility discovered them. She said they offered each woman a red rose with a note attached and the contact information for local pregnancy resource centers.

Once the abortion staff discovered the pro-lifers, they ushered the women into a hallway away from the waiting room and then called police, she said.

“At this point the rescuers sang hymns, prayed and tried to communicate with the women who were just in the next hallway,” Miller said.

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Miller was not arrested because she went outside to counsel other women as they entered the facility, but four others were: William Goodman, Lauren Handy, Patrice Woodworth and Matthew Connolly, according to the pro-life organization.

“They’re dedicated and they’re willing … to be arrested,” Miller told local news outlets. “The goal is not get arrested, that’s only a consequence of staying and refusing to leave if abortions are going to continue. And, they’re willing to pay that price.”

She said the philosophy of the Red Rose Rescue is that the unborn babies who are scheduled for abortions are the true outcasts of society, and they deserve to have someone be with them in the moments before they are to be killed.

This is the 14th Red Rose Rescue organized by the group, and its members have been arrested multiple times.

“The Red Rose Rescue is an act of charity for women who feel for whatever reason they must have their innocent unborn children killed,” Miller said. “Those who take part are willing to embrace risks for these women and their babies. We will go into the very places where the unborn are put to death and extend help to the moms.”

Like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Miller said they go “into the dark holes of the poor where the innocent are rejected—and in these dark holes we seek to bring love, hope, and true peace to the women scheduled for abortions, encouraging them to choose life.”