Senator Mazie Hirono Admits Indoctrinating 8th Grade Kids With Her Pro-Abortion Agenda

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 22, 2019   |   1:40PM   |   Washington, DC

One of the biggest abortion advocates in the United States Senate is Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono. She is constantly pushing abortion and has a 100% pro-abortion voting record.

Hirono attended one of their pro-abortion rallies yesterday set up by abortion activists who are upset that several states have passed legislation to protect babies from abortion. During that rally, Hirono admitted that she is pushing her for abortion agenda on kids as young as 8th grade:

Justices Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, are you listening? I just met eighth-graders at a public school in Hawaii, and I told them I was coming for a rally in front of the Supreme Court, and they said, “Why?” And I said it’s because we have to fight for abortion rights, and they knew all about it. And I asked the girls of that group of eighth-graders, “How many of you girls think the government should be telling us women, when and if we wanna have babies? And not a single one of them raised their hands. (Applause)

The boys who were there … I said, “you know, it’s kind of hard for a woman to get pregnant without you guys.” They got it. “How many of you boys think that government should be telling girls and women when and if we’re gonna have babies?” And not a single one of them raised their hands. (Applause)

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Hirono’s determination to indoctrinate kids is no surprise, given that the pro-abortion movement has spearheaded that agenda for years.

California state Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel is doing everything he can to seal the single largest free publicity deal in the history of abortion: a Planned Parenthood phone number on every student ID. Including kids at private and Christian schools.

He calls it the “Pupil and Student Health” bill, but critics of Gabriel’s AB 624 want people to know what it really is: an attack on the First Amendment.

By slapping Planned Parenthood’s hotline on the back of every 12- to 24-year-old’s ID, California essentially would be forcing every student to join an abortion sales team.

In Washington, Hirono is one of the biggest salespeople.