WATCH: Abortion Activist Screams at Pro-Life Woman “F*** You And The Rest Of You F***ing Ignorant B****es!”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 21, 2019   |   6:20PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists protested across the country today at rallies meant to respond to the several states that have passed pro-life laws protecting women and children from abortion.

Alison Centofante, a pro-life advocate, went down to one of the pro-abortion rallies to share her pro-life perspective with attendees. The video below shows the hatred and bullying she was subjected to by supposedly peaceful abortion advocates.

Pro-abortion protester calmly and rationally explained why she supports abortion. It went something like this:

“Alright, ‘pro-life Barbie,’ walk the f*** away! We’re done,” a middle-aged pro-abort chimed in.

“What about Rev. Jesse Jackson?” Centofante calmly asked the women, referring to Mr. Jackson being conceived in rape.

“He’s alive!” shouted back the elderly woman.

“So, she should have had the choice to kill him?” questioned Centofante.

That didn’t go over well, either. The elderly woman exploded: “F*** you! F*** you! F*** you!”

“Let’s talk,” the undeterred pro-lifer said. “When does life begin?”

Ever so rationally, the elderly woman exploded again: “F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! F*** you! F*** you and the rest of you f***ing ignorant b****es!”

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