Dr. Martin Luther King’s Niece: New Abortion Bans Give “Civil Rights” to Unborn Babies

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 20, 2019   |   12:17PM   |   Washington, DC

Dr. Alveda King has long championed the pro-life cause as an extension of the civil rights movement.

The niece of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., she praised new pro-life laws in Georgia and Alabama for granting “civil rights” to babies in the womb, Breitbart reports.

King is the director of the Civil Rights for the Unborn project at Priests for Life. A post-abortive woman herself, she said these new pro-life laws protect women as well as their unborn babies.

“It’s a push for justice [and] a call for justice, not just for babies in the womb, but the mothers have been deceived, as well. I know I was deceived,” she said Friday on Breitbart News Tonight.

“Is the only objective overturn Roe v. Wade?” King continued. “No. The objective is to give the babies civil rights, to protect and to help the mothers, and then to strengthen the family. That is the goal. It’s not too harsh. It’s not too much. It’s not too extreme.”

She said she does not think the new pro-life laws will hurt Republicans in the 2020 election, despite the outrage from the political left. Polls suggest this may be true as well. A new Hill-HarrisX survey found that 55 percent of voters said they do not think laws banning abortions after six weeks – when an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable – are too restrictive. Georgia recently passed a heartbeat law.

King refuted claims that women will be punished or put in jail if these laws go into effect.

“Now, people are saying, ‘They’re going to put women in jail.’ Absolutely not,” she said. “But doctors who insist on continuing to abort little people in the womb will have to answer, because the doctors themselves medically know that that is a person. That is a human being. Ultrasound shows that to all of us, now, and science has caught up with us.”

She said many women are coerced or forced into abortions. With one of her own abortions, she said she felt pressured into it. The new Alabama law “is not to punish women, but it is to stop and give the baby civil rights,” she said.

“How can I think that abortion is wrong when I have actually had them?” King continued. “Because the abortions hurt me, and I don’t want to see other women hurt, and I don’t want to see other babies die.”

Before King found forgiveness through God, she said she struggled deeply with her abortions. Many times, she said, she could not get to sleep without alcohol.

“Many in Planned Parenthood will say, ‘[It’s] because of the pro-life movement that people feel grief. If the pro-lifers weren’t there, they wouldn’t feel any grief’” she said. “That’s not true. They hide it.”

“Many people in Hollywood are not shouting out the abortions they’re glad they had. For the ones who are, I would even dare to suggest that they have suppressed that pain so deeply that they don’t know it’s there.”

King said pro-life advocates need to respond with compassion and support to families in need.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,” she said, quoting her uncle.